how to wear a bandana men

How to Wear a Bandana Men? Exclusive Style

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There are many ways to wear a bandana, the most versatile and coolest accessory ever. A small detail allows you to give that extra touch to your outfit. Just have a little imagination and let your creativity run wild. If you run out of ideas, here’s a mini-guide on how to wear a bandana men.

How to wear a bandana men?

The bandana is the most famous handkerchief in the world. It is a square of fabric often colored and decorated with various patterns, of which the most common is cashmere or paisley. Measurements range from 45 to 55 cm, although the standard size and most suitable for all uses is 53×53 cm. The classic bandana must be made of cotton to have 100% natural fibers in contact with the skin.

History of the bandana

This accessory takes us back to the old West, to the images of the cowboys who used the bandana to protect themselves from dust, or to the bandits who used it to cover their faces. In the 60s, the bandana was used in a chic version, to be tied around the neck or to tie that beautiful vaporous hair. Stars like Brigitte Bardot and Gigi Rizzi were often photographed wearing these accessories.

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Between the 70s and 80s, the bandana is back in fashion in a much more transgressive version and is used by rock stars of the caliber of Jimi Hendrix and the legendary Bruce Springsteen.

With the arrival of the 2000s, the singer Amy Winehouse returns to the vintage pin-up look and binds the bandana in her hair, combining it with ultra-voluminous hairstyles with a great scenographic result. In recent years the bandana can also be seen on the catwalks of the likes of Luis Vuitton, D&G and Pucci.

The bandana nowadays a love of celebrities

Today it remains one of the cult accessories and more current than ever, stars and models are photographed by the paparazzi wearing this detail tied and rolled up in a thousand ways. Try to take inspiration for not always having the usual outfit. The most famous Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni shows off her on different occasions and above all with different styles ranging from grunge rock to romantic-chic.

Even the most famous singers do not miss the opportunity to be paparazzi wearing their favorite bandana: which style do you prefer between Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber?

7 ways to wear a bandana

By inserting this simple accessory in your wardrobe, you can give a twist to your look. If you don’t know where to start, we’ll give you the right tips, below you’ll find 7 ways for him and her to wear a bandana.

1 – Bandana as a Cowboy

Tie it around your neck like a cowboy. This look is perfect for both her and him. Just a colored bandana to give life to a very simple look like jeans combined with a white T-shirt.

2 – Bandana like a pirate

Fold the bandanna into a triangle and tie the two edges behind the neck. This look gives both to her and him and is perfect for children to protect them from the sun.

3 – Bandana to tie the hair

Use the bandana instead of the elastic for a rebel but chic chignon, or to get a sophisticated tail.

4 – Bandana for fitness

If you are a fitness lover and want an opportunity to show off your defined muscles, tie your bandana around your arm.

5 – Bandana as a bracelet

Use your bandana as a bracelet or as an anklet, the cool effect is guaranteed. The fashion icon and top model Gigi Hadid teaches.

6 – Bandana as band/headband

Rebel hair? Keep them at bay with a fashion detail: the bandana. Just roll it up and tie it at will with the bow over your head for a more lolita result, or tie the bow behind your neck if you want a more discreet result.

7 – Bandana as an accessory for your handbag

Tie your bandana to your usual bag or backpack to give it a touch of glamor.

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