how to treat sunburn fast

How to Treat Sunburn Fast? Easy and Natural Ways

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The sunburns are mild irritation and pigmentation of the skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. They occur mainly on the face and the most exposed parts of the body, such as shoulders, back, and legs. Often a sunburn is caused by an imprudent exposure, too prolonged or not protected with sunscreens, or, again, by a prolonged exposure during the hottest hours of summer mornings, from 12 to 16. Let’s start how to treat sunburn fast with natural ways.

How to Treat Sunburn Fast?

Before going on to describe them, it is essential to know all the tricks to follow to treat sunburn fast. Then avoid having to run for cover, because a burn is never pleasant and even if it heals quickly. It is better not to make the skin vulnerable to UV rays from the sun.

sunburn remedies

1. Aloe vera cream or gel: also excellent for face burns

Aloe vera is the best ally against irritation: is a perfect disinfectant and moisturizing and is a fixed ingredient of natural and non-cosmetic. To treat a sunburn even on the face, you can try an aloe gel or prepare a maid cream at home. Just mix the aloe vera available in all the herbalist’s shops with vegetable oil and then keep the mixture in the fridge. After a soothing bath with warm water and flour, gently massage the damp skin with a few drops of your aloe vera cream, and you will see what results!

2. Cold packs of chamomile and calendula

The calendula and chamomile mix is ​​very effective. You can prepare decoctions with which to make a specific wrap for scalded skin. The calendula is used as a natural remedy for burns and overall care of the skin. You can prepare a decoction with chamomile and marigold oil, boiling water, and brewing chamomile. Once drained, add a few drops of calendula oil and soak gauze in the warm mixture. Then, gently passing it over the skin several times and let it absorb.

3. Essential oils of mint and eucalyptus for the after-sun

The essential oil of mint and that of eucalyptus are prepared with soothing and refreshing. In the case of milder burns, to provide some relief to the parched skin, you can add drops of eucalyptus oil to a warm bath. Mix the two essential oils to massage the moist skin after a moisturizing bath gently.

4. Potato directly on the skin

This is a real grandmother’s remedy against sunburn. It’s practically at no cost because you just need to have a vegetable at home. Peel and slice it is not too thin slices, and apply the slices in the most scalded parts, keeping them firmly on the exciting part for about 20 or 30 minutes. The potato has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory power that will free you from the typical itching that accompanies sunburn.

5. Milk, water and ice packs

Another natural remedy that you can try at home without making too many expenses is a pack of milk, water, and ice. Water and ice will provide you with a refreshing relief, whole milk, together with the action of water. It will hydrate dry skin preventing itching and subsequent peeling of the skin. Pour two pieces of milk and one part of water into an ice bowl, and soak gauze to make compresses.

6. Yogurt and cucumber packs for body and face

To create a cream to leave on the skin for a specific time, including the face, we suggest you try the one made with white yogurt and cucumber. Mix the cucumbers and mix them well with the plain yogurt you kept in the fridge, then apply generously on the affected parts. Cucumber has refreshing and depurative properties, and as you know well. It is widely used in cosmetics, while white yogurt is highly moisturizing, and is also rich in cosmetic properties.

7. Warm baths with baking soda and oatmeal

If you don’t want to do direct packs on the skin, you can try some soothing baths to do with warm water. Among the many options, you can choose a tub with baking soda and oatmeal. The first has disinfectant properties, which will help you prevent sunburn, while grain has emollient properties, which moisturize and nourish the skin, avoiding dryness and flaking. You can also combine a bathroom with a wrap of your choice to have faster effects.

8. Warm baths with apple vinegar

A bathroom to disinfect scalded skin is warm water and a glass of apple vinegar. Apple vinegar stimulates the production of melanin, the pigmentation that covers and protects the skin exposed to the sun. This natural remedy has a relieving and disinfecting function to eliminate the risks of an aggravation of the burn.

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