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How to fall in love with a man? 4 mistakes on the first date

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First date -To gets to know a man is more a matter of technology believes the relationship trainer Levo Vozhevatov, but it’s often not easy to hold the first appointment with women who are looking for a relationship with a man. Is it possible to fall in love with a man by sitting with him only an hour or two in a cafe? It is this goal that should be put, the coach believes, and describes in detail the mistakes of the first meeting in the book “Goddess for her man.”

How simple ways to fall in love with a man? More precisely not what to do with him, so that he fell in love, but on the contrary, what should one become to resist it was impossible? Here are three mandatory rules for success on a first date

The first date and first rule: to create the right moodfirst date

A date should be in the mood. First of all, you create it, not a man. Because a woman is more used to creating a mood. You are more sociable than the average man, more sensitive, more emotional. This is the nature of women. And that’s why you create the atmosphere on a date. Read more: How Mindfulness can transform our view of reality

Do you want me to tell you the universal mood that works with all men? In the air, there is a cheerful and playful enthusiasm for each other, seasoned with a light flair of romanticism and enjoyment from the evening.

The second rule: a clearly stated goalfirst date

Any meetings should have a goal. Especially the first. The classical goal is to interest, charm the man (provided that the man liked, if not, then the communication must be finished quickly).

The goal may be that the man at the end of the first date invites you to the second. Read more: 5 health tips for men with more than 30

You can slightly confuse a man. So that he did not know how to approach you (it is appropriate for overly confident and experienced men).

Or vice versa, dazzle him with his inner world and show his own specialty.

Find out what a man is, while remaining a dark horse for him – also a goal!

In the end, the goals can be different: have fun and enjoy the communication, it’s great to spend an evening, no matter how it ends!

Third rule: aftertastefirst date

Fall in love when they start thinking about a person when he is not around. The more a man thinks about you, the faster he falls in love, and vice versa. Therefore, you must learn to leave the aftertaste: you are not around, and a man cannot forget your meeting and your image. A couple of days of torment and – voila. He is in love!

What can I do to create an aftertaste? You can confess to a man that he is cool, but you are afraid of him. Several times he somehow behaved strangely. And to the question – when and how, you smile mysteriously and offer to discuss at the next meeting.

Or so. When saying goodbye, ask the man to stop and do not move. Lean your two fingers to his lips and then kiss them. After looking at the man is mysterious or fun and let him die. And then quickly leave. Here’s a playful aftertaste!

Think of a few chips for this moment. Maybe some intrigue for the next meeting, maybe an understatement at the first, perhaps, ambiguous ending of the meeting, maybe some kind of present for the man – think about it, and you’ll find an idea.

Mistakes of the first date and what they can lead tofirst date

Interviewing. Among men, the proverb is now popular, they say, with increasing frequency, visits are becoming more like interviews. This sensation appears because the girl simply answers the questions without setting the tempo, not starting off, not including in the communication to 100%. Role-playing position: you ask me, and I will answer.

Result: the man was invested with energy, and in return received nothing. After such a date, the man has a feeling of fatigue: “It is somehow uncomfortable, although beautiful,” “Not mine,” “She does not like me. ”

 I am a problem. It’s when a girl dumps all her problems on a man, she’s too hungry to talk. Immediately pops up that she was naham in the store, she is looking for a job the second month and bloody pneumonia does not give rest.

Result: rejection at the instinctive level (unhealthy female – sick children – it is necessary to dump) and just reluctance to contact a person who has complete setbacks.

You’re wrong! In this case, the meeting turns into a discussion. To argue, debate (even if a man is not right) is very short-sighted and at least stupid.

The result: “At work, the brain is carried out, the brain is carried out on the road, and even on a date they spoil the mood. I’m going to get a little more out of this fury! “The man came to enjoy the meeting, and as a result gets a negative.

Any attempts to equal or in some way to convince a man is a man’s position. That is, pressing on the peasant, you yourself become a man. And the two men met. Then do not be surprised why he began to be friends with you, and you wanted a relationship.

If you like to talk to a man, to practice in intellectual games, that is one chip that combines both the dispute and a pleasant aftertaste.

So. Start your favorite discussion. Especially succulent, if you raise a dispute on the topic in which a man is more or less versed, or she is passionate about it. First, start to argue, question the masculine arguments, recall examples from life, in general, everything is as usual. Let the discussion unfold, let the man get involved in this confrontation as much as possible.

Remember: your goal now is to engage a man with this conversation. Hold on in this conversation for 10 minutes. As soon as you feel that the degree of discussion is off the scale, dramatically change the strategy. Fully recognize the rightness of men, bringing down all their arguments and simultaneously speaking compliments to male professionalism and intelligence.

Such a powerful inversion will create an incredible state in a man: “With the previous girls I was tired, spent, and this filled me. I want it to be like this always. I must call her. And in general, she’s cool, they marry such. ”

First date: test drivefirst date

Well, make a cool test drive to a man. Create an atmosphere of flirting, lightness, and joy at the meeting. Tasty, but for 1.5 hours.

When you communicate with a man, show him that you are a hot little thing, there is a sea of passion in you, but at the same time, you restrain yourself. He should notice how he acts on you, and at the same time, he must understand that you are holding back. Like a spring. You have a huge potential, but you need to disclose it. And if he does something wrong, the fire goes out a little. And vice versa.

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