Men also change their mood. Know your cycles.

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Men also have hormonal cycles. If the key hormone in a woman’s body is estrogen, in man it is testosterone. Able to generate in man his behaviors such as sexual desire, creativity, concentration and provide male characters such as body hair, deep voice among others, testosterone has effects on the central nervous system, which determines how we feel and regulates the mood. Depending on the testosterone levels, the man can suffer in different occasions, symptoms of depression, sadness, insomnia or irritability, however, his cycles are not as prolonged as those of the woman.

According to Winnifred B. Cutler, researcher, and author of six books on hormones and health, man has a hormonal cycle that has not yet been defined in terms of its duration. It could last a few days, a few hours, a month or even all of life, but it explains that there are “cycles within cycles”, where testosterone levels are constantly changing throughout the day, that is, the Man could be in constant change of mood at all times. It is said that men get to change their testosterone levels every 15 minutes and that throughout the day, these levels are decreasing in small amounts. When night comes, the male body begins to raise its testosterone levels again while the body sleeps hour after hour, which explains the morning erections.

These changes in testosterone levels are presented by several factors including stress, the presence of male competition or the proximity of a desirable sexual partner, although their level of influence is still unknown. In this way, testosterone plays a fundamental role in the social and affective behavior of man. For example, when men fall in love their testosterone levels fall, adapting it to the levels of estrogen that also change in women, reducing the natural behaviors of each sex to guarantee the permanence as a couple and being protective of the family; which could also be an explanation to the changes in the behavior of the man in the couple’s relationship after a few years.

After age 40, men begin to experience stronger hormonal changes. The so-called irritable man syndrome affects the levels of energy, anger, and sexual impulse. It is a cycle that lasts about 33 days, where testosterone levels fall, producing in man a greater irritability, depression and little sexual desire. However, these testosterone levels can be treated from an early age. Good healthy habits of life and constant exercise produce a greater amount of testosterone.

It is important to highlight that constant changes in the behavior of man may not be normal, since the production of the hormone may be failing, so if you notice any unusual feature in them, it is advisable to visit the treating doctor to verify that Testosterone levels are within normal.

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