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How to give advice to a man correctly: the secrets of women’s wisdom

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Distributing advice is a thankless task, especially if a woman is trying to recommend something to a man. However, having shown women’s wisdom, it is possible to make all so, that to the man and in ahead will not come, that he has taken note your advice. He will be absolutely sure that this is his own opinion. How can this be achieved?

Ask leading questions of secrets of women’s wisdom

secrets of women's wisdom

One of the most elegant ways of giving advice. Formulate questions in such a way that they contain the word “you”. For example: “You did not think this was a good decision?”, “Do you think it would be possible to do so and so?” A man will be completely sure that this is his own thought, and will not feel any trick. Read more: 9 horrors, through which a woman will pass, whose man is experiencing a crisis of middle age


Asking leading questions, listen to the man. Try to talk as little as possible. Advice save to the end of the conversation, or even better – do not advise anything at all. So you let a man to the fact that he will answer his questions yourself. Read more: 5 shirts that every man needs in his wardrobe

Share your point of view

the secrets of women's wisdom

Sharing your vision of the situation, try not to use phrases such as “I know” or “I think.” It is better to say “I feel”, “it seems to me.” In this case, the man will not argue with you.

Do not try to prove that you know more than him.

You do not need to demonstrate your intellectual superiority, even if it’s true. A man will not appreciate your outstanding mental abilities – on the contrary, your self-righteousness will only outrage him.

Do not act like a mother

It is clear that every woman has a maternal instinct, but you should not show it in a relationship with a man. He is not a little boy, he does not have to worry about and protect like a little child.

Do not act like a man

best women's wisdom

Avoid rigid language specific to men. Do not use phrases like “Let’s already making a decision at last”, “I think I know what the problem is”. The leader should be a man – to give him this opportunity.

You do not have to act as if you are braver than him.

If a man wants to make an important decision, for example, to change jobs or open his own business, but hesitates, fearing the consequences of his step, do not show more courage than he does. Do not bravely say to him: “Well, what are you waiting for?” Or “There’s nothing wrong with that.” On the contrary, show meekness. Say that you like his idea, but you are a little afraid. Seeing the feminine timidity, the man will show his natural courage.

Do not express an opinion that does not tolerate objections

the women's wisdom

When giving advice to a man, do not say firmly and adamantly that you are the ultimate truth. This behavior will repel him and lead to a quarrel, and you will clearly lose your femininity.

Do not insist on your own.

Let the man listen to your advice, but without pressure from your side. Give him the right to choose. It will be better if he does his own way and makes a mistake than you put pressure on him and harm your relationship.

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