erection disappears


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ERECTION DISAPPEAR- The erection has disappeared – what to do? This question is asked by millions of men who first encountered this problem. As a rule, it occurs after thirty, but in recent years, erectile dysfunction is getting younger, and at the most crucial moment it can bring even a very young guy.

the erection disappears

Before you start treatment for erectile dysfunction (and not all men eventually do not agree with him), you need to find out why a man has an erection. Such a result can give a whole range of factors from untreated infectious diseases to normal stress. For effective treatment it is necessary to consider a particular case, most likely, studies of the state of health and lifestyle of men will answer all questions. Read more: Breast exercises: 5 ways to pump up the pectoral muscles

a erection disappears

Most often, the reason why an erection disappears before the sexual act is a poor condition of the vessels. It must be remembered that the penis is one of the most secularized organs. With an erection, it is almost completely filled with blood, due to which it swells. If a man has problems with blood circulation, for example, because of frequent smoking or other disorders, you can not count on a stable erection at all.

Also, an unstable erection may indicate the presence of serious diseases, for example, prostate nomad, as well as a number of tumors. To treat in this case there is a reason, revealed during the survey. And the sexual life will be restored in its turn if there are no other pathologist in this case. Read more: EXERCISES BETTER THAN SQUATS THAT WILL GIVE YOU A PARADISO BUTT

How does impotence begin? At the sexual certificate the erection and for absolutely other reasons, often not connected with any pathologist disappears. Drinking alcohol, some medications, soothing and even stress can play a role here. Often, this reaction is manifested only when contacting one partner. If a person is dear to you, you should immediately turn to a sex therapist, sometimes – to a psychologist. The problem can be purely psychological, and the bed is not connected.

the erection disappears

Often the main reason, because of which the erection disappears when donning a condom (it would seem that intimacy is about to take place) is prolonged abstinence. It is about the lack of intimate relationships for more than a month – for the male body, this is quite a serious test. The erection, in this case, decreases spontaneously, add here the excitement that a man experiences before long-awaited sex, the result will be obvious.why does erection disappears

Whatever the reasons for this disorder, unstable erection is a good reason to consult a doctor, and not only to the urologist but also to the sex therapist. It is best to pass all the necessary tests and undergo a complete examination. Ignore the problem cannot be, because it can lead to infertility, or worse – impotence. Even if you have only noticed several such cases several times, it is necessary to begin treatment in the near future. Remember, active sex life can be restored at almost any age, but only with the right, responsible approach to the treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

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