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The most famous desserts of Europe

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 Famous desserts– Remembering about Italian cuisine, we somehow think about pasta or pizza, France is associated with our famous cheeses, and in Spain, all tourists are eager to try the local paella. Desserts do not always achieve such popularity. Nevertheless, each country has its own national sweets. We get acquainted with the best of the best. Especially for the sweet tooth!

Famous desserts of Francefamous desserts

Some of the best French famous desserts are rightly considered eclairs. These air cakes with a custard are popular since the XIX century and belong to the number of creations of culinary Mari-Antoine Karem. Today you can eat eclairs in the glaze and with a variety of fillings. Fantasy of French confectioners is boundless! Read more: Artificial pancreas helps type 1 diabetes sufferers to give birth

Another “sweet” pride of France – pasta – biscuit-meringue with a crispy crust and soft stuffing. A true masterpiece, at the same time combining simplicity and sophistication. Many tastes and fillings will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, the Laduree confectionery, famous for this dessert, is located on the Champs Elysées in Paris.

Spainfamous desserts

The Catalan cream is traditionally served in clay pots and is called the pride of Spain. Prepared by the nuns in the XVIII century, today this dessert based on milk, sugar, and eggs is endlessly loved by all the Spaniards. Read more: 7 fabulous things that men earn by practice yoga

Breakfast in Spain often starts with churros. It’s a treat made of deep-fried dough. It is sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with hot chocolate.

Austriafamous desserts

The very first recipe for strudel was invented in Vienna and dates back to 1696. Incredibly delicious famous desserts are prepared from a thin dough with berry and fruit fillings (cherry, apple, pear). In a restaurant, a piece of strudel must be decorated with a vanilla ice cream ball and whipped cream.

Among Austrian cakes “Sacher” keeps the palm tree. It is impossible to resist a chocolate biscuit with a delicate apricot filling, topped with a layer of chocolate. “Sacher”, cooked according to the original recipe, you can try only in the cafe of the Sacher hotel in Vienna, because it owns the exclusive right to use the Original Sacher-Torte trademark.


In the early 1930’s in Germany appeared the famous “Black Forest”, also known as the Black Forest cherry cake. Insanely delicious combination of biscuit chocolate cakes, cherries, and whipped cream.


The national delicacy of Estonia – marzipan – a mixture of ground almonds and sugar syrup. In Tallinn, there is even a museum in honor of this dessert. Favorite Esterians marzipan sweets are decorated with chocolate icing, candied berries, and nuts.

Italyfamous desserts

Homeland delicious Italian dessert Panna cat is the city of Piedmont in the north-west of the country. The literal translation of the name is “boiled cream”. Panna cat has a creamy texture and is usually decorated with berry sauces.

Tiramisu … I heard about him, probably everyone. However, it is in Italy that you can enjoy the true taste of this dessert: fresh Mascarpone cheese, Savoyardi air biscuits and Marsala wine, which has an unusual aroma.


In Hungary, pancakes a la Gundel, named after the famous chef, are very popular. Traditional filling – sour cream and dried fruits, on top dessert is decorated with chocolate sauce.

Hungary gave the world a recipe for another dessert. The cake of Esterházy, first baked in the 18th century, was named after Foreign Minister Pala Antal Esterházy. Delicacy immediately fell in love with Europeans: almond cakes, impregnated with cream, white glaze, and the famous cobweb pattern.

Netherlandsfamous desserts

In the Netherlands, special culinary delights are not welcome, so the national cuisine is simple and democratic. Favorite national dessert is an open apple pie, often decorated with whipped cream. The aroma of cinnamon and crispy crust delight even the most sophisticated gourmets.

It should be noted and the Dutch waffles – two thin waffle plates, glued together with caramel syrup. What can be simpler and tastier?

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