overweight men

Tips for overweight men

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Overweight men, dressing with style is not a matter of thinness, it’s a matter of having good taste, an adequate knowledge of ourselves and the tools that fashion gives us to be able to project the best of us; After all, clothing is nothing more than a means for expressing and help us look better, and this is how we must understand  does depend on how much. we know our body to know what is the right way to help you look slimmer. In the case of overweight people the task is not complicated, basically because the area of the abdomen is the main area that generates volume in our body, so we are clear about the point to work. How? Pay attention to the following  tips :

Tips one: Overweight men

overweight men

The main thing is to wear the clothes of our true size. Although it sounds absurd, many overweight people wear clothes in sizes that are larger than they should be, because they think that this way they conceal the overweight (but the reality is the opposite). If you are L, you should not use XL or M, because a very large size will only increase the feeling of volume in your body and a very short size will leave in sight all that we want to conceal. Avoid everything that draws attention in the central area of your body as polo shirts and sweaters with bold prints and colors. In the same way, you should avoid garments that increase the volume in that area, such as crossed blazers and prints that make you look wider, like horizontal stripes.

Tips two

overweight men

Remember that what you should always look for is to create a projection of verticality in your body and that will be easily achieved with vertical striped polo shirts and shirts, preferably thin. In addition, your shoulders should look straight, because the inclined shoulders will only bring a more rounded feel to your image, that is why you should not do without the shoulder pads of your blazers and coats, as these will play in your favor, like the details in the shoulders of jackets, coats or shirts (such as military ones, for example).

Tips three

overweight men

Avoid polo shirts and round neck sweaters that are very close, the ones that are ideal for you are the V-neck ones. As for the color, you opt mainly for dark tones, not necessarily black, because the idea is not that you see totally black, and as a second option, colors in soft tones, nothing that is striking. In fact, it is not that you should turn your closet into a place where bright colors are not welcome, as the objective of dark colors is to divert all attention from the belly and areas of the body with excess volume, so if it causes you to use a little color, do it but in pants, shorts, caps, shoes, etc. In this way, you will draw attention to other areas of the body. Keep reading http://optimaspecialty.com/business-strategy/75-of-adults-admits-to-having-made-purchases-on-impulse/

Tips four

 overweight men

When you dress a suit, opt for black or dark shades and thin vertical stripes, whose bag is preferably three buttons. The shirt will be better if you have an English collar, remember to avoid the Italian collar. With regard to the tie, it should not be too wide; If your texture is very thick, choose a moderately thin, but if your frame is not so wide, you can use skinny ties, the idea is that the thickness of the tie is in proportion to your build. Forget about trousers with tweezers (those with folds in the front,

at waist level), you should not use them for any reason, and you should not wear pants too high. It is preferable to wear the pants slightly above the hip, this to prevent you from adjusting your belly and believe, as happens in some cases, a balloon effect at the level of the navel, which can also be uncomfortable.

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