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Squats are a super exercise better if you want to work the muscles of the legs and buttocks, but they are not the only ones that will give you the ass of your dreams. If you are looking for effective movements but with an impact on your joints a little lower, this is what you have been looking for.

Always remember to warm up before starting an exercise routine. Start with three sets of 10 repetitions each and go up as you feel prepared.

Exercise better: Single leg glute bridgeexercise better

Lie on a firm surface so that your back stays straight during exercise. Bend your legs and push your weight on only one of them until your hips and back rise straight from the floor. Do the repetitions with each one of the legs.

Exercise better: Hydrantsexercise better

Remember that your back should be straight throughout the exercise, not the double. The only thing that changes position is your legs. It is a movement like the one that dogs do when peeing.

Exercise better: Rainbowsexercise better

Position yourself in a crawling position with your back always straight. Stretch one leg, take it to the other end and end with an upward stretch to further exercise the gluteus.

Exercise better: Crusty lungesexercise better

Lower until your knee almost touches the ground, if you have trouble keeping your balance you can stretch your arms out to the sides.

Exercise better: Heel lifted squatexercise better

More than a squat, it is just a position that you must maintain while raising the heel of each of your feet. You will exercise calf, thigh, and buttocks.

Donkey kicks

Another position that needs you to maintain a straight position. Your legs are the only ones that must change position. If you want you can increase the resistance with an elastic band.

Side Lunges

Remember that the warm-up should be prior to these exercises because when you stretch, you could be injured.

 Basic lunge

This exercise is one of the most used, it is a classic. You can add weight as you progress with your training. Remember that the knee should almost touch the ground.

 Bear plank leg lifts

With this lever in addition to the buttocks, you will strengthen the upper part of your body. Remember that when raising the leg you must concentrate on squeezing the gluteus.

Single leg deadlift

It is nothing more than a deadweight exercise. Make it slow so you can control the balance.

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