Are you a Hockey Goalkeeper? Here are Three Training Drills

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Being a good hockey goalkeeper is all about being able to fearlessly stop the other team scoring by using your technique and agility. If you compete with your school team, you will need a Dorset Coach Hire company, or ones local to you to make sure you get to the competitions safely and on time.

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Using hockey drill videos and training drills can really help you as a goalkeeper. Hockey is great for your health in addition to being an action-packed sport. There are many different drills used in hockey drill videos, from cushioning the ball to closing down angles. Read on to find out about three hockey training drills that are perfect for the goalkeeper.


Spread as many balls around the goals circle edge as you can. The aim of this training drill is for one player to move around shooting the ball. The keeper has to try to save as many of these shots as possible. You can also try using two goal shooters who attempt to score from different angles, which will really kick the difficulty up a notch.

During the practice, get the shooters to use a variety of shots, which could be pushes, slaps and flicks. You can also get the two players to pass the ball between them before they shoot so that the shot is not coming from a static position and is not as expected.

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Diving saves

Making a diving save is one of the best things about being a goalkeeper and looks very impressive. Using this drill should help you to get the hang of performing a diving save. You will need to make sure that you have the proper safety equipment to prevent hurting yourself; such as knee pads and a helmet etc.

Ask the shooter to put six balls in a line but slightly off centre so that they are around eight yards from the mouth of the goal. As the shooter shoots, move sideways across the goal and try to make as many saves as you can. Once you are in the ready position, touch the opposite post with your hand or stick. This is the cue for the shooter. Start returning to the other side of the goal and dive to save the ball.


Use golf balls

Saving a hockey ball will seem simple if you start by saving golf balls. In a kneeling position, keep diving to save the golf balls before the next one is dispatched.

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