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Most tricks to increase sexual desire

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The couple’s routine , stressful periods at work, little time for your hobbies … Stop! Let nothing get in the way of relationships with your partner and put out the flame of passion . Rediscover and even increase sexual desire among you is possible and fundamental to recover the illusion, curiosity and fun among you.

After the period of more sexual intensity with your partner, which is usually at the beginning of the relationship, may due to monotony and daily routine or work and other concerns your libido has been affected. Why not reawaken the flame and the passion among you? We propose some tricks to increase sexual desire with your partner and return to enjoy intense and passionate relationships as at the beginning or even more.

How to remedy the lack of sexual desire

increase sexual desire

No matter how much you want a couple, there are days when the last thing you think about is a loving encounter. Something normal, since libido levels can vary over the years. And neither helps the pace of life that leads society, stress, anxiety or even possible conflicts that may be within the couple. Situations that lead to not being able to fully enjoy the sexual health that, as indicated by the World Health Organization, is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. This lack of desire to have intimate moments does not have to be a problem if it occurs temporarily. Now, if the “no” stops being an exception and becomes the “rule” for more than two months, it can influence the person’s relationship and quality of life, so it is necessary to go to a specialist in search of a solution.

Lack of appetite or also called ” hypo active sexual desire ” is the absence or deficiency of fantasies to perform some type of sexual activity persistently, which causes discomfort in the affected person and interferes in a negative way in the relationship. There are two types: the primary, where that desire has never been felt, and the secondary, in which it did exist for a while but it has disappeared. Thus, who suffers it does not feel interest in sexual acts or the demands of his partner, he does not enjoy these encounters and, therefore, they usually look for excuses to avoid them. It affects both men and women, although it is true that it is more common among women.

There are many factors that are behind a decrease in libido, and can be both physical and psychological. The state of mind, emotional problems, some disease, hormonal variations such as menopause in women, stress, anxiety or depression. Also the consumption of certain drugs can lead to a lack of sexual appetite, as well as routine, labor conflicts, fatigue or little or no communication between the couple.

The most common symptom that usually appears in these cases is that the person suffering from it shows the minimum or null interest in sex . Neither will be given to maintain intimate relationships, much less to propose them. Likewise, it will avoid at all costs any situation that may result in a meeting. Almost never go to bed at the same time as your partner, making excuses such as pick up the kitchen, an urgent job or a program on television. For those who suffer from lack of desire, sexual activity is an unpleasant act or even a punishment. And on numerous occasions they feel guilty for not being able to respond as they should, which increases anxiety or stress.

Teen game

Why not try new sexual practices? Bet on the ‘King out’ . A preliminary game that is based on caressing you, touching you, masturbating with your partner but with one condition: Penetration is forbidden . It provokes and seduces your partner and will surely go crazy with desire, it will be like returning to your adolescence. They say that the more we are forbidden by one more thing, we have to do it so that tension and sexual desire can be in the air. The game ends until you can not take it anymore. Who will be the first to surrender?

Innovate and surprise

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Practicing sex always in bed ends up being boring. Try other places in the house and do it whenever you want, not at night ‘because it’s time’ or ‘because today it’s time’. Sex has to be spontaneous . Surprise your boy and when you feel like it, tell him what you want at that precise moment. The surprise factor will still excite him more. Dare to be you who starts the game, to see you take the reins of the situation will go crazy with desire. Start to give another use to the kitchen, to the floor or to the shower and I am sure that you enjoy much more and your sexual desire will increase in an incredible way.

Games and sex toys

Erotic games are fun and can also help you increase your sexual desire break with routine and monotony . The tastes in sex are very varied, therefore the types of games are adapted to each type of couple: From role plays, games with dice or BDSM . Erotic toys, also known as ‘sex toys’ can be a key complement in your bed to bring new experiences and sensations to your sexual relationships. Take the opportunity to make a gift as original as a surprise box of MiSensualBox , full of erotic products and accessories to surprise and enjoy sex even more. The games and erotic toys they are key to awakening and increasing sexual desire for its provocation and stimulation of desire and passion.


tricks to increase sexual desire

Music can be a perfect companion to create an erotic environment and raise the temperature. You can choose a playlist that combines songs with sensual rhythm and others with explicit lyrics. You can lie on the sofa while listening to the music or you can dance together to warm up the atmosphere even more. The combination will be the most erotic and will be a good complement to accompany your preliminary games. In addition you will break with the routine since not being accustomed to the situation your sexual desire will wake up to the novelty.

Film session

Surprise your partner by proposing to watch a porn or erotic movie together. He will not wait for you but he will be happy with the proposal. Choose it between the two and that is your taste. While you see it you can start with preliminary games or take ideas for later. By sharing an activity as erotic as this, the curiosity and excitement that will be among you will increase your sexual desire automatically and maybe you can not even finish watching the movie.

Sexual desire in men and women

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Desire is a pleasurable anxiety of an erotic nature. The Mexican clinical sexologist David Barrios  defines it as “a state of mind, a propensity to be aroused and a cluster of pleasant sensations.”

Desire changes over time; In the beginning it is very intense and then it becomes something mature and passionate

Grammar notes that “the taste of women varies according to the time of their menstrual cycle, ” although according to some studies, also beauty, symmetry and intellectual and economic origin are factors that determine sexual attraction.

For her part, Laura Berman , director of the Berman Center in Chicago, affirms that we are capable of producing 10 thousand different aromas consciously and many others that we do not perceive.

When Oxycontin is secreted , known as the hormone of love, we feel the need to be with someone, Grammar points out. Some time later (between six months and two years) one passes from passion to effective ties, and that is when the brain produces endorphin , although scientists also point out that desire is regulated by phenol ethyl amine , from which we need doses every time older to maintain the levels of eroticism .

Sexual interest and excitement are generated in the amygdala. The limb system, formed by a ring around the organ of smell, regulates the sensations of pleasure and the inhibition of erotic behavior.

There are various factors of self-censorship, product of the codes learned about what is and is not desire, that pass through the filter of social or cultural value, and defines who we choose and how we do it, which is even more strict with women.

The desire is the same in men and women, in the strictly biological sense, but education is responsible for making distinctions. In women it is not considered a positive value, while for men it represents a quality of their virility .

Finally, the best measure of sexual desire is the frequency of relationships that a person would like to maintain to meet their needs. If a person shows a zero interest in sex, they will say that they never want to have sex with their partner. In this case we are before a person with Sexual Desire Inhibited . The most common is to find couples who show an imbalance in their respective sexual desires.

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