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How to look handsome

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Look handsome– Unfortunately, the face we are born with is the one we will have for life. We can go to the gym and work our body, mold it, increase our muscle mass , etc. However, we can not “make a face”. But this is not a reason for us to let ourselves be overcome by the face that we have had to lead. There are some tips that we can follow to look more attractive without needing to be look handsome.

Better attitude and personality look handsome

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Being handsome is not just having a perfect face that meets the likeness of the golden ratio. You can be attractive and interesting to other people without needing to be look handsome. The shape of your face is not the only thing that attracts attention and that makes a person attractive . Therefore, it is not enough to have a good appearance only and have a smile that attracts attention.

The attitude of a person is quite conditioning in this type of situation. Not only have a positive attitude, but be able to solve problems and be encouraged. Sharing your best moments with other people and worrying about them is something that attracts other people. To be able to show off an attractive personality and a positive attitude, the first thing you have to do is to trust yourself. Although you are not look handsome as such, you can offer many other virtues to people and, above all, you have to be sure of yourself and not be afraid of “what they will say”.

The clothes, hair and how clean you are can not help you to have confidence in yourself. You have to know what your limits are and what you are capable of. Not being ashamed to show how you are, your hobbies and your personality in full is of vital importance so that others have a positive opinion of you. Do not forget that this confidence in yourself can not be feigned, as it will be forced. It has to come from within you and be completely honest.

External aspects

Because of the development of technology and our change in lifestyle, we are accustomed to having positions that are not good for our health. We bent continuously and we spent hours and hours in bad positions in front of the odious screens. Encounter not only causes back problems in the long run, but it makes you look like a man without self-confidence and easy to defeat.

Sitting straight or walking upright can show self-confidence indirectly . This kind of thing is considered as non-verbal language. It is the one that transmits itself without the need for words. An upright man is able to transmit confidence and courage intrinsically.

Another important external aspect is smiling. Obviously you should not smile in a forced way if you do not feel like it. However, smiling often makes a person happy, safe and extroverted. In addition, it is perfect to avoid being tired of your day to day or your work or if you are sad.

When talking with someone, you should look him in the eye. Besides that it is a matter of education, it will make you show that you have self-confidence and self-confidence. It is also not a matter of staring at the person. It is best to look her in the eyes, also occasionally looking at some other parts of her face.

Develop your own style

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Clothing is an important aspect of the facet that you will show to the public. It is important that your style is your own and that you do not end up using other people’s clothing. The style of clothing is not as important as the way you wear it. It is inevitable that, if you have a certain age, it is not advisable to dress like young people, since you will only be indicating that you are a person who is trying to recover lost youth.

If you do not know how to implement your own style, observe the rest of the people well. One tip, is that women look at people’s shoes a lot . However, this is an aspect little taken into account by the tallest people. Make sure you choose a nice type of shoe that matches the rest of your outfit.

If you are one of those people who do not know how to choose clothes, but have money to spare, you can hire a personal buyer. These people are, in general, quite skilled when it comes to getting the style of other people. You will be paying to choose the best clothing to improve your own style.

The accessories are almost as important as the rest of the clothes. A ring, a pendant, an anklet, etc. They are accessory elements that can make the difference between other people. You can be known for being the boy who always wears a certain bracelet. Do not forget that speaking well and saying all the words clearly can be quite interesting for the person who is listening to you.

Personal cleanliness

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Being look handsome does not only consist of your dress and personality. Personal hygiene is something conditioning if we want to be attractive. To do this, keeping nails and hands clean is of vital importance. Before eating, going out or going into a place, it is better to go with your hands washed and your nails cut and clean.

Combining and washing your hair is another important aspect. I assure you that a person with oily hair and badly combed makes a bad impression. Washing your hair once every two days and treating dandruff and / or fat if you have them is something that helps a lot. Breath is another aspect to consider. If you have your teeth washed and with a fresh scent, you will feel more confident about yourself when you talk to people.

Control your weight

healthy diet Eat to feed yourself, when you sit down at the table do not finish with everything in it, eat a little less and you will feel much better. Make sure you have a balanced diet that provides your body with the elements necessary for its normal functioning and to maintain a constant body weight. Organize your meals so that you can take 5 servings every day , do not abuse the sweets, the pastries, the soft drinks and the desserts. Vegetables, fruits, vegetables are essential.

Drink two liters of water

water and health Staying hydrated can improve both the performance of our activities and eliminate toxins, while the body works better. Always carry a bottle of water to make sure you drink enough during the day. Eight glasses of water are usually the measure for most people , drink them distributed in the day without waiting to feel thirsty. Water is a source of life, acts as a solvent during digestion, helps drain toxins and stagnant waste. If possible, opt for mineral water with low sodium content.

Move, do a little exercise

Press Scot This is especially valid if your work forces you to remain sedentary for many hours; You do not need to crush in the gym during long sessions , you can resort to quick routines with weights .  If you do not have time or do not like the gym, then a vigorous walk for 20 minutes or biking, are two options to add an extra exercise to your life.

Restorative sleep

Sleeping man our body needs sleep to recover from the demands that we submit to, sleeping eight hours each night guarantees us the next day to be able to face the day. Do not spend the night unnecessarily , besides not being able to concentrate on your activities and diminish your performance, you will present a tired aspect. You need that restful sleep that will help you feel much better in the morning.

Take care of your skin

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male cosmetics Many men still believe that the care of the skin is something exclusive to women, if you are in that group, leave that and start taking care of the largest organ of your body. Apart from a good energizing shower it is necessary to pay attention to the skin of the face, it is not there only for you to shave it. The cosmetics for men are to keep it cleaner and with good color. Use cleaning creams that do not contain soap, then a moisturizing lotion will provide an extra benefit and to remove dead cells use an exfoliating cream once a week.

Take care of your hair

male hairstyles Washing is the basis, use a good shampoo applied thoroughly, then the conditioner. Avoid using the hair dryer , but if you do, remove all the moisture you can with a towel first, and never center all the heat at a specific point. For the hairstyle you can resort to gels, gelatin, lacquers and other cosmetics designed to give style and ease the work, yes, do not abuse them. A good hair care speaks highly of you.

Movie beard and mustache

Male shave If you are one of those who wear hair on your face then do it the way it should be, dedicate enough resources and time to the shaving ritual. Look for a cut that favors your features , for nothing in the world you leave that 4-hair mustache or the strip of micro-pellets that some believe looks good. In the same way if you usually shave to keep your face clear, do not torture yourself trying to erase the scratch your beard; applies the correct technique for shaving, you will avoid unnecessary irritations and cuts.

Disguise dark circles and bags

prevent dark circles Whether it’s because you’ve slept a little or because you’re tired, dark circles give you a look of fatigue and illness, turn off the light in your eyes and make you look attractive. To disguise them resort to corrective makeup, always a lighter shade than your skin. The eye bags are treated with creams that activate the blood circulation of the area. A quick and easy solution is to apply cold compresses to reduce inflammation. A cream for eye contour and other cosmetics will give you extra help.

Optimism before everything

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Male smile Beyond how you look, if you have an attractive face or if you use an expensive perfume, the point that will really make you a more look handsome man is your attitude towards life . Good presence depends on how you project yourself. Smile and be happy, Laughter is good for weight loss , it also has the impact of being healing, rejuvenating, pacifying, helping you to live in harmony with yourself and your environment. Transmit confidence, security and above all joy ensure success, offers others a frank and spontaneous smile.

Finally, going well shaved and shaved is another viable option to be look handsome. some factors to enhance what makes us attractive, it is not necessary to have the face of a magazine model or a sculptural body with perfect measurements. In addition, both men and women seem more attracted to a well-groomed person who looks healthy, strong and optimistic; Reinforce these points and you’ll see how you start to look handsome.

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