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Jackets for men 2020; jacket trends

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Jackets for men– Jacket is necessary attire in wardrobe. Save cold air and bad weather. It warms up and helps you feel comfortable. Stylists experiment with shades, fabric texture jackets for men 2020. Let’s know the main movements of jackets for men 2020 winter.

Jackets for men 2020: types and shapes

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Modern man wants to stay active in any situation. Pay attention not only to the practicality of your everyday clothes, but also to your tailoring and style. Parka jacket is a practical option by designer Todd Snyder. Parka style is one of movements with style of jackets for men 2020.

Bombers are like shortened leather jackets. They are again at the peak of popularity in sets of mens jackets by Michael Kors and Astrid Andersen. Bombers are usually made of cotton fabric. It has been part of the wardrobe of American military pilots. Bombers are perfect for capricious autumnal weather.

Winter jackets for men 2020: fashion styles

Sporty style is in youth fashion trend. You can find this in winter jackets sets 2020 winter of Andrea Pompeii and Simon Miller. They offer interesting waterproof fabric jackets. Safari is a new direction that successfully replaces cotton jackets. Simple models with patch pockets will give masculinity to the image. Turndown or necklaces design is also fashionable. You can get safari jackets from collections of men’s jackets 2020 from Prada. Different texture allows to create true masterpieces with asymmetrical cut, classic and truncated jackets. Biker jackets are fashionable for young guys. Taste of Prada’s direct tailoring will suit men of considerable age.

Fashionable men jackets: elegant tones

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Deep black is fashionable color. Its simplicity is appropriate in any model of men’s fashion jackets. Stylists actively experiment with gloss and matte surface. Natural sand scale tones are no less relevant. Olive universal tones will look harmoniously with suede material. Smoked gray curtain is also fashionable. Bright abstractions, intense colors and non-standard prints are suitable for youth collections. Versa and Bal main actively play with colors, intricate accents and patterns. Polyester and mortadella are most relevant fabrics for winter jackets for men 2020. Classic cotton or linen jackets are also trend. In addition, stylists use special water-repellent compounds in this style of jackets.

Leather jackets are worn in the winter of 2020

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If there are two certainties that happen autumn after autumn is that the man will miss the beach bar and that he will want to put on his leather jacket. And thank goodness that one removes the uneasiness of the other, because if it is not for you to see the falling leaves and you in shorts and a tank top.

The leather jackets are, season after season, the queens of the first months of autumn and one of the best investments that men can make in our style. When did you buy your last leather jacket? The truth is that they are garments that, if they are of good quality, last a lot of years but sometimes we find that their design or cut is no longer fashionable.

And here comes Esquire.es, official updater of Spanish style, with some of the best leather jackets seen on the catwalk, photo calls and stores. Check if your leather jacket is still fashionable and if it is not … renewing that it is gerund!

The brown leather jacket is the star

The hegemony of the black leather jacket is in danger and is that the brown is the king of the catwalks this fall and the best designers in the world do not resist to use it in leather garments.

Brooks Brothers, Fend or Prada demonstrate the use of brown in all its shades to give our looks a natural touch and that is, what is the most classic color of tanned leather?

In addition, the brown favors the leather jacket can reach the office through the front door (with the winches wide open) and that creates classic and elegant look that does not have that “pimp” or biker that can have the jackets of black skin (especially if we put them with shoulder pads, padded or zips).

Back to 70s: Leather jackets with fleece lining

It is a combination that has been running for many years but this season is experiencing times of splendor thanks to the return of some of the keys that most triumphed in the 70s: the leather jackets with sheepskin lining are the new basic.

Sure, and now we put a picture of Robert Redford and anyone resists. The fleece gives us that retro look that we love but also an adventurous point, like the first aviators that were thrown into the air in search of new worlds (and huge pineapples).

Since you wear the sheep, let it be seen. That peek through the neck, through the buttons, through the seams, through the bottom of your leather jacket … and that the contrast between the skin and the curly wool is showy.

The blue leather jacket, the most casual option

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But another color wants to compete with black and is none other than blue. In darker shades, indigo or Klein, blue dyes the most youthful leather jackets with an irreverent touch.

But do not take your hands to your head, the navy blue is as elegant as brown and you can compose perfect looks to go to the office, as brands such as Giorgio Armani or Dunghill have shown.

The winter coats for men waterproof and snow proof

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On many occasions when the winter season arrives we are not prepared. And we do not have the ideal outfit to protect us from water or snow. Do not worry! Today we bring you the best 6 coats for water, snow and wind. Feel safe and do not let this cold weather stop you!

 Winter cotton jacket

This waterproof and snow proof jacket is designed to give you warmth in the winter season. Hood made of cotton with removable zip.

Jacket in light colors for winter

A men jacket designed for strong climates with wind and rain. Made with  elastic cuffs and  double hood to block the heat above the neck.

Jacket in black color

Jacket with removable cache  for winter made with synthetic leather on the inside to give the body warmth. All the filling goes to the fists.

 Waterproof beige jacket

Hooded design for a more elegant style in the winter season. Comfortable sleeves designed with elastic cuffs on the inside to protect from the cold and zippers.

Special jacket for snow

Model with removable hood designed for snow, water and wind. It provides incredible warmth, perfect for any extreme cold weather activity.

Super waterproof jacket

This jacket can keep your body dry and warm . Contains a  windproof inner lining, adjustable cuffs and removable hood . Made in warm and breathable material.

With these garments you can take care of the low temperatures of the season, and as important as are the jackets, so are the boots; so take a look at these boots for men ideal for winter.


The sheep is not a novelty this fall, but it has been present for several seasons in parkas and jackets. Now it is still present in those garments and in others of inspiration 70s, a decade that marks the fashion that comes. For example, in this jacket Harrington (on the right) made entirely in fleece available in two colors, in black and in a daring Bordeaux and also trend.


The star fabric for the arrival of the cold will be corduroy. The 70s are back, the time when corduroy was omnipresent in pants, shirts and jackets. It takes the finest, in all colors and combined with all kinds of materials and garments. A basic is the pana trucker jacket . This model is available in four colors, the classic brown, moss green (fashionable color this fall), navy blue and black.

The velvet

The other potent novelty that promises to dress men in the most special occasions and also in the day to day is velvet. Of clear inspiration in the rock stars of the 70s like David Bowie, Mick Jigger or Jim Morrison, velvet will be present in shirts and dress jackets, but also in urban garments like this bomber.

Waist bags

Bad news for the opponents of the fanny packs. They are the definitive complement for man this autumn-winter. They have appeared in almost all the parades and in all their versions, from the leather mini to the XXL. At the waist, hanging shoulder type, patterned, smooth, patchwork … Or camouflage, as this adidas casual.

White silhouette trainers

The ugly slippers have given way to blank trainers , which have been present on most catwalks and parades of referents such as Rick Owens or Valentino (on the left). The re-launch of the adidas Yeezy Boost a few days ago in triple white has not been a coincidence. The most sought after option, the ones with a high and blunt sole, but without reaching the ugliness. This option of Pull & Bear is very wearable with all kinds of pants.

Another garment that repeats is the multi-pocket parka, the most fashionable casual piece for the coldest days, although the short plummets are also worn in striking colors. This model is in green, without a doubt the color of the season especially in its moss and hunting tones. The price, to be a warm garment, is undoubtedly very competitive.

The long coat

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It is the key garment for all designers. That one that to buy this winter if it is necessary to replace the bottom of closet for the arrival of the cold. The coat comes this year even longer, at the height of the shin, as could be seen in the parades of Zegna, Etro or Marni. But also wide, the other great tendency, and for the most daring, with drooping shoulders. This option of La Redoute is more classic, in three quarters and in earth tone. Its price, very interesting.

The extra-large suit

If he oversize is an even more obvious reality this fall-winter. Dressing is narrow or with very sharp lines. It has been the general trend in male catwalks. From Prada to McQueen through Dsquared2. In the suits, the width and the length are imposed, both in jackets and pants. This jacket is the perfect example, and also incorporates one of the star prints, the pictures with different sizes.

Finally, as for the weather, autumn is not even expected. As if they had guessed that this year the cold is going to take to arrive, the designers bet for this season for the deny-season clothing and layering, which consists of wearing many layers of clothing to adjust to the changing temperatures of these months. Now is the time to think about how we will dress until next spring and be able to find good opportunities at really interesting prices. Fashion winter jacket for men is full of novelties from last winter that invite you to renew the wardrobe and surprise with different looks.

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