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5 best styles of silver rings for men in trend 2019

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This 2019 are more gentlemen who seek to look good with silver jewelry or silver rings, be they chains, slaves, rings. They seek to mark a style and feel identified with their accessories. Not only women are meticulous and special to find the ideal jewel, also gentlemen want to wear silver accessories. Especially the rings with designs, since they seek to differentiate themselves from the rest with a style that reveals their essence. Marking their tastes in the accessories for them.

The best styles of silver rings for men in trend 2019

silver rings for men in trend 2019

Silver personalized dark ring

Trend men, who choose this type of dark rings, mostly have a style and rough look, determined to mark their own path and destination.  They are risky men without fear of danger, they love adrenaline.

Silver rings with zircons for elegant man

These rings are indispensable for businessmen, they show that they have class. And money, always looking for a better status, they want to demonstrate  elegance and their success in business. They create an important visual impact. When you see them you will know that you are talking to someone who knows what they want. They are very safe and they are experienced men with a lot of style.

The types of rings that these elegant men wear, are more sophisticated designs are inlaid with natural stones, diamonds. They are much worked designs with bright details that gives that added value and unique to each ring.

Rings silver stamp urban style

The silver seal rings are designed in a very original and architectural way, recognized for many centuries. In ancient times these were used to close letters with the sender’s mark. Their purpose was to serve as a hallmark that was equivalent to a signature were made in wax, clay or wax. so that they stand out in relief as an image of mirror, essential for the rulers of that era.

2019 the year where the cultured and glamorous gentlemen, opt for these types of designs so special, all are flat but can have different finishes, monogram, coat of arms or other symbol, with gems set.

They are more spiritual, deep, seek to find meaning beyond, seek something out of the ordinary with their tastes for the rings.

They can be designs:  animals, plants, stars, fictitious characters, music, insects, and brands of interest.

Mens engagement ring

Have you ever heard that the woman is the one who proposes to go one step further? In 2011 it was the Jeweler H. Samuel who created a special engagement ring called  Tioro  designed only for men, for many it was something that would not work, but things have been changing.


  • Bringing a gold ring on your finger makes it instantly known that you are out of the market, so, with luck, you can enjoy a night out without suffering annoying innuendo.
  • The anti-stress toys are for children. Real men can occupy their time and focus their attention just by wearing a ring between their fingers.
  • The rings adorn in a natural way anything they see and add a touch of “je ne sais quoi” intangible to any set. A ring with a particular gemstone can help you highlight the colors.
  • Express your affiliation with a ring on your little finger. You can show your love for a football team, university, or even a political party with a discreet stamp.
  • Gold is expensive. If you feel that you need to teach the world your good fortune, there is no better way to do it than showing a handful of jewels.


You are free to wear a ring on the finger of your choice. There are no rules or laws (in Spain at least) that regulate what you can put on your fingers.

That said, certain things are still expected. There are certain traditional norms and customs; some have survived until modern times, although others have ended up discarded in the container of history.


Thumb rings are still rare in Spain, although their popularity is growing. If you already have two rings in one hand, your thumb may be the best place to put another one and thus prevent your fingers from becoming saturated.


It is used to point things out. A long time ago, certain people of the upper classes used a seal on their index finger to show their family’s emblem; however, it is now very rare to wear stamps on this finger. If you really want your ring to attract attention, put it on your index finger and spend some time pointing out things.


The middle finger does not come with a historical baggage, so you do not have to worry about whether people think you’re married or if you’re one of the old scribes, and you can wear any type of ring you choose. However, wearing a very bulky ring in which it is already your longest finger, could cause discomfort in your index and ring fingers.


As the name suggests, this is the finger on which men are expected to wear a ring. More specifically, a marriage alliance on the left hand. There are no rules that determine that you have to do it. So you can take your alliance on the finger you prefer, or not take it. But if you wear a ring on this finger, most people will assume that you are married.


Historically, this was the finger that was reserved for wearing seal-type rings, which were used to sign legal and official documents by pressing the face of the ring on hot wax, or what is known as sealing. However, this use disappeared with the advent of the pen and self-adhesive envelopes.

Since about the last hundred years, the little finger has been used to shelter rings of clubs and universities. They usually show an ornamental design, coat of arms or seal, but not always.


Classical and timeless. Silver has been used for making rings for at least 4,500 years and, when it was first introduced in ancient Egypt, it was more valuable than gold.

The silver that is used to make most of the rings is what is known as 925 or sterling silver. This means that 92.5% of the metal is real silver and the rest, copper. Unlike fine silver, which is soft and malleable, the addition of copper makes sterling silver hard and solid, although somewhat prone to stains.

  • Pro: Strong.
  • With: Prone to stains.
  • With: The metal used in 925 silver can cause a reaction in people with copper allergy.

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