mens wedding hairstyles

Mens wedding hairstyles according to face

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Mens wedding hairstyles– A special day requires a perfect cut so that the groom looks radiant and handsome. Each face is different and not all cuts feel the same, so here we tell you the advice to choose the one that best suits each masculine physiognomy.

Although they have already sent to make the wedding invitations. There are still many things to define. One very important is to define your outfits. While the bride is worried about finding the best wedding dress according to her silhouette. And the most suitable wedding hairstyle to look like none. The man has to take care that his face fits perfectly with his hairstyle and bridal outfit. For this we must take into account that each face is a world and that both its shape and features are important when choosing male styling.

There are seven different types of male face as a base, and some favor more cuts and mens wedding hairstyles than others. So before we want to experiment, we give you a guide so that in the photos of the first dance. And next to the wedding fondant cake, the groom looks handsome and elegant!

Oval face mens wedding hairstyle

the mens wedding hairstyles

This face has a long, round face and is therefore known as an egg-shaped face. The forehead is wide and the chin protrudes, while the cheeks predominate in the whole. For being this face of greater harmony, any cut will be very good , but short hair will be ideal.

If you choose to comb up, sideways or backwards. It will keep the harmony of the face and show it clean. It is also recommended to have the sides shaved or semi-rough to further stylize the face.

Among the celebrities, Adam Levine is the reference, who takes advantage of a crested cut upwards, which does not lengthen the face. Thus helping to soften the oval. Likewise, toupees or volume to the center with reduced sides are an elegant and perfect option.

If you choose the right hairstyle, you will look as handsome as the wedding cake dolls! Now, if it’s a rock wedding, this face looks good with the Mohawk. But you run the risk of looking too casual for some styles.

Diamond face

As the name implies, this face is related to the diamond, since it has a pronounced chin, marked or thin cheekbones and a broad forehead. For this face, it is necessary to soften the strength of the features. The styles where the hair flows more organically, like the toupees not very bulky or combed upwards, are the most suitable to make the physiognomy have harmony.

George Clooney and Elijah Wood are two celebrities with a diamond face. The first uses a side hairstyle that stands out for its volume at the center, while its sides are softened and flusher with the skull. Here it is worth using a fringe, in a very subtle way, helping to balance the lower features and the tickets so annoying for any boyfriend.

The asymmetric cuts help a lot to these faces and thus the fiancé will look excellent with his partner between the decoration and the floral arrangements of the wedding.

Round face

As if forming a circle, in this face the chin and cheekbones are not accentuated, but in a certain way “disappear”. This type requires a longer hair length to attenuate the roundness. For example, if it is too short it would not favor, it would accentuate the roundness of the face of the groom.

This face is not unique to people with obesity as you might think, also thin people have round features. And for these cases, bring more volume up, with a hairstyle stripe side, disguises the form. A half mane, playing with the volume. And using asymmetry with cut sides will detract from the face circle.

However, short cuts and biodegrades, with a small effect tousled up, help make more vertical face. A mens wedding hairstyles pulled back is not recommended, as it will not give any frame to the face.

Square face

This is a face of great hardness for having very marked jaws, with more angular jaw and a forehead framed by the hair as if it were flat. While using short sideburns and hair with volume in the center. The features will soften, helping to reduce the square.

If the groom has a beard, leaving it will help, in order to lengthen the jaw. It also depends on how much you want to mark the features. Because having shorter hair and flush accentuates them. But it is important to balance it with a crest controlled at the center. And you should avoid that they are very flush or with a military shaving. It will be a real heartthrob next to the bride with her mermaid wedding dress!

Rectangular face

It is a face similar to the square, but the difference is that the rectangular face is more elongated and the forehead and jaw have almost the same width. We recommend cuts with volume. And fringes in front, to attenuate the strength of the face.

Also, side cuts and natural curly hair with some subtle bangs will give that harmony that is needed to subtract hardness. Tell not Combed tip, type spiky because accentuate the rectangular frame of the face.

Elongated face

With a face similar to the rectangular. But with more rounded forehead and chin, the elongated face is balanced with a cut with volume at the top and both on the tuft and on the sides of this.

The long hair is not an ally of such features, it increases along the face. Just as some brides opt for a medium hairstyle for their face type. The groom can benefit from a short style.

Triangular face

The forehead is more pronounced, the cheekbones more marked and the face ends at an angle that generates the effect of the shape of a triangle. Likewise, the volume of a toupee or a pompadour. With short sides, helps the forehead and lightens the triangular shape.

While the hair is raised, it will be able to look harmonious and can be carried sideways. Or upwards with a light spiky, without reaching the informal, to be on par with the elegant hairstyle of the beloved. But if you want something more casual, like at an outdoor wedding. The fringe attenuates the length of the forehead and you have to remember that short sides are ideal.

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