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What is the right clothing to do exercise routines at home

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In your sports clothing store we will tell you what is the right clothing to do exercise routines at home . There are no excuses for not doing sports during the winter. It is only a matter of will and having what it takes to exercise. We invite you to read this post and follow our recommendations.

Exercise at home with the right clothes

exercise routines at home

When you think about doing exercises many times you make the mistake of dressing with any garment that is comfortable. We went running to the closet to get that polo that we have not worn for so long and those cotton pants that we love.

The truth is that nothing is more wrong than this. If you have decided to start exercising, whether outdoors, in the gym, at home, with or without a coach, you must choose the right clothes to train . So it is not necessary that you take the time to choose it, since this depends on the performance we have in the exercise routines.

How to choose sneakers to do exercises at home

Maybe this is the first item to choose. The main thing is that the shoes are consistent with the exercises you will do. These should give you body stability and hold your ankles well, to avoid injuries. Whether you are going to wear sneakers in winter or in the other months of the year, these should be characterized by:

  • Made of tough material such as leather or canvas.
  • Compensatory in the footsteps.
  • Provide ventilation to the foot thanks to air chambers in the front and back of the sole.
  • Have a slight concavity in the heel area.
  • Of the correct size, so that they hold well to the foot.
  • Breathable and padded.
  • Suitable for improving body posture.

What is the right clothing to do exercise routines at home

In the same way, you should carefully choose the clothing you will wear during your daily home exercise routine. If you choose garments of thick textiles or absorbent will be a problem when you have advanced, because the sweat will impregnate the moisture, weigh more and your performance will decrease.

This wardrobe should give you comfort, confidence and support. Maybe you feel this way with other clothes, but are they really suitable for physical exercise? Let’s see what you need to have a suitable dress for sports at home.

The correct clothes for physical exercises must be of technological fabric. That is, that textile exclusively designed to guarantee the high performance and comfort of the athlete because they are breathable, expel body moisture, and keep you dry. So the fabric stays light and your performance will not decrease.

The most suitable textiles are supplex, polyester and nylon. Cotton, although very comfortable, is not recommended to use because it tends to absorb sweat. In addition, the clothes must fit your body and allow you to move easily.

Pants for sports

You can choose between shorts, classic pants, jogger or sports mesh for women . Depending on what exercises you will do at home and the time of year that we are, choose the most favorable model.

For example, now in autumn-winter it would be more appropriate to use a jogger or a mesh. While in summer it is more comfortable to wear shorts. If you do aerobics, use the mesh: if you practice yoga, a jogger; If you have a treadmill or treadmill, the shorts are better.

T-shirts to exercise at home

With regard to what to put on top you can choose between several options too. If you are a man, you cannot place anything if the weather permits, but if you prefer to wear something, put on a shirt with or without sleeves.

If you are a woman you can opt for the shirts or just put on a special bra for sports. 

  • Recommendations on sports clothing
  • Buy clothes of your size.
  • Measure your clothes before buying them.
  • Do not wear plastic clothing (jackets or strips of this material) because they will cause you to lose a lot of water, which can be counterproductive.
  • Wash clothes after each workout. This will prevent the bad smell and bacteria from building up.
  • Always wear clean clothes.
  • Do not lend the clothes.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions.
  • Depending on the weather, use two or three layers of clothing for you to remove or put on as the body temperature and climate increases or decreases.
  • Wear socks and underwear suitable for sports. That is, these must also be synthetic.
  • The bra you use should be without annoying stitches or seams.

Advantages of doing home exercise routines

Training at home is not only for those who have little time or do not have a monthly amount of money to go to the gym. No. Since, there are many reasons why you may prefer to stay at home and exercise there.

But before telling you what are the advantages of doing exercise routines at home , keep in mind that you must allocate a space to train. It can be on the balcony, the terrace, the garden, the living room or an area of ​​little use.

It’s economic

Exercising at home will always allow you to save more. To achieve an athletic body, at least healthy, you do not have to spend large sums of money. At least the training can be free.

On the internet you will find many training videos and at home you have several objects that you can use to perform your routines. Yes, nothing like a personal trainer to correct you, but you can also use a wide mirror to adopt the correct postures.

The rails, chairs, tables, steps are some examples of things you have at home that you can use to achieve the body you want.

Even if you decide to buy machines, like a treadmill, it will always be an investment. Since only you will use it and you will not have to pay a monthly fee to train in it. And, in case it is cold it will not be necessary to wear a jacket or windbreaker.

You will optimize your time

By not having to travel outside the home, you will have a little more time available for other activities. You can use it to share with family, friends, practice a language or skill, or simply to rest.

At present this factor is quite precious, so it is not productive to lose it in traffic or in distant places that you could replace with others closer.

In addition, from the time you will take to go to the training site, you may not get an available machine or the dressing rooms are occupied. So you have to wait a while longer …

You are in control of your time. So if you decide to train at home you do not have to modify your other schedules to find a time to go to classes in a sports discipline .

Now, you can train every time you have the time available and you want to exercise. And the best, without the stress and fatigue from taking the transport.

There will be no excuses not to train

You do not go to the gym because it’s raining or sunny. You postpone your training because you do not have clothes to go to the gym or because you ran out of cars. And so many more excuses can arise.

But, if you train at home, the reasons for not complying with your exercise routine will disappear. Well, there you will have everything you need to do it and take care to improve your physical appearance: furniture (to support you or make certain movements), clothes, water, space, the bathroom to shower.

Use what you have available or invest in new material

Choose the accessories you will need. These can be objects that you already have at home, as we pointed out in previous paragraphs: furniture, railings, chairs, chairs, among others.

But, if you require something specific, buy what you need. For example, for a weight training you can use dumbbells or kettlebells.

Exercises you can do at home

Abdominals:  to exercise the abdomen you do not need a special device. You will only need an outfit as we have already described, and hydrate before and after doing the abdominals. It is advisable to practice them every two days to give the muscles time to rest.

Squats:  Squats is a low impact exercise that brings many benefits to the body. These give you resistance, flexibility and toning while you exercise several muscles and eliminate calories. The key is to keep your back straight, feet spread according to the width of your shoulders and not crouch so much.

Go up and down stairs: doing this activity will serve to raise the heart rate and strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduces cellulite, and strengthens the legs. You can do it as many times as you want and in different ways: with one foot, raising the knees, tips, etc.

Walking and doing push-ups are other ways you can exercise if you leave the house. And you, what are the right clothes that you use for your exercise routines at home? If you need to buy a garment or sports accessory we invite you to visit our online store.

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