What happens during Dental Implant Cardiff treatment?

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When visiting a dentist for Dental Implant Cardiff treatment it can be an anxious time, but your dentist will walk you through the whole procedure and here is some information on what you can expect during each stage of the process.

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The first step when considering dental implants is for  a number of X-rays to be taken for your dentist to check the health of your jaw bone and to ensure that there is enough bone there for a dental implant to be inserted. It also helps to identify where your nerves are located so that the dentist can identify the best to position the implant. Smoking can cause problems with dental implants so you may be encouraged to stop or reduce the amount that you smoke. At this point your dentist will walk you through the entire procedure and will discuss what happens during each session.

Dentists will use a general anaesthetic to numb the area of the implant and meaning that you will not need to be put under a general anaesthetic, unless this is absolutely necessary. The total amount of time that the procedure could take depends very much on the severity of your problem and how many implants that you need and could be anything from half an hour to several hours.

The dentist will make a small cut in your gum and drill a hole into your jawbone. This is where the implant will be placed. Following on from this you have something called an abutment fitted which is the internal screw that will hold the false tooth in place in the gum. Alongside this initial procedure your artificial teeth will be being created to either be fitted in the same appointment as the abutment or this may occur in another appointment. This will depend very much on your individual circumstances.

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Once your treatment has been completed you will need to wait a few hours for the anaesthetic to wear off and until this point you should be careful when eating and drinking hot items as you could burn yourself without realising it. Depending on the severity of your pain once the anaesthetic has worn off you may which to take some pain relief. It is also important that you attend any follow up appointments to ensure that your implant has worked and that you haven’t developed any issues following on from the treatment.

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