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Beauty look for the groom: that’s how they prepare!

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Beauty look– The groom also needs to prepare physically for the big day, both inside and out. If you need a guideline on what treatments to take and how. Complete your pre-wedding care schedule to beauty look like a true gallant.

Whenever an engagement ring appears, life takes a turn. And when the heart stops spinning with emotion. The head and eyes are occupied with looking for the right dress, the most spectacular dress or the  most romantic wedding invitations. The Beauty look of brides includes makeup tests, wedding hairstyles. And some treatments to make it look even more beautiful. And what can the groom do to keep up? Adopt your own routines to take care of yourself and beauty look impeccable.

These are some of the most popular beauty rituals between the couple. Take note of which ones you will need to incorporate into your countdown to the wedding. And start scheduling appointments in a male care room to see and feel much better.

Top keys beauty look for the groom

Take care of your diet

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If you have neglected this aspect of your health lately, approach a nutritionist from the first steps of the wedding organization. These specialists will not only help you get rid of those extra pounds. To go with time and without last minute races. It is desirable to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. So, not only will you lose weight. You will also learn to keep it so that you do not go back up or down after making adjustments to the suit.

In addition, they will help you to incorporate new and healthy habits for the future. Such as a diet that contains all the necessary nutrients and that keeps you always at the top of energy. It may be a long process, but as you see results, you will be encouraged a lot more. Do you think you will appreciate the difference between the save the date and the wedding photos? Caring for your image is fine, but taking care of your health and well-being is even better.

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Sports practice

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Accompanying the diet with exercise will speed up the results and allow you to attack the wedding candy table without remorse. If you lead a sedentary life, get active, because sport releases endorphin. The hormones of happiness. Besides that you will feel very comfortable, with a routine of exercises in the gym, a cross fit session, swimming. Or the sport of your choice you can disconnect from everything that involves planning. And who knows, maybe it inspires you so that the dolls of the wedding cake are two fit sweet hearts.

Ideally, you should start taking care of yourself at least one semester before the wedding so that your figure does not change too much when you buy and adjust the costume. Check with a monitor what is the intensity with which you should start practicing sport and how you can increase the activity over time. Also worry about not overloading your body or falling into bad positions when doing sports. Sure your partner prefers you with fewer muscles than injuries.

Treatments for the skin

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Your skin deserves to beauty look radiant. To get your best version, get closer to the specialists; Two or three months before the wedding can be a good time. A dermatologist or beauty center with medical supervision can help you eliminate acne or unwanted spots. Even if you do not have any strong problems, they will help you prevent your skin from looking healthy with a moisturizing or fat-regulating treatment.

Do not leave for the end a correct exfoliation or a cleansing mask that cleans and illuminates your face and includes the blocker in your facial routine to avoid sunspots, wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Hairdressing and barbershop

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Also two to three months before the wedding you have to beauty look for the style that best suits you. Very drastic changes in look are discouraged in the final stretch, so, if you have thought about renewing your image, make an appointment with your hairdresser to prove how the haircut looks with the shape of your face. Having enough margins, you can modify it until days before the wedding make the perfect cut for you.

The same goes for the beard or the mustache: the important thing is to give them shape until they find the best style for you; then you just have to keep it. If you have a sparse beard, come to the barber at least eight months before the wedding to use the creams and treatments necessary to populate it. If you have very abundant, you will have to define it and ask to cut off excess hair.

About this, there are couples who consider laser hair removal before the wedding to remove hair from certain parts of the body and thus gain comfort or to avoid an excess of sweat (and the unpleasant bad smell). It is recommended a lot of foresight; minimum, three to four months before the big day. This will ensure that you can take several sessions of laser hair removal or pulsed light.

Manicure and pedicure

By image, but, above all, by hygiene and health, do neglect neither the manicure nor the pedicure. The hands of both will steal the close-ups when the time comes to exchange their wedding rings , so they must be intact. Go to specialized centers to get rid of, clean your nails well, give them shine, remove the cuticles and moisturize the skin. For the feet, the same: they may not be seen in public, but your partner will appreciate a neat image in all aspects.

Perfect smile!

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For oral health, we should all visit the dentist twice a year. Now, if you want to correct something with special urgency, make sure you go to the consultation with the necessary time. The most common treatments among those who are going to get married are dental cleaning, whitening and contouring of pieces to cover irregularities or imperfections. If your orthodontic treatment is not finished for your wedding day, brides with braces can always opt for alternatives such as transparent palates or dental veneers.

Beauty look: With all these tasks, you can customize your pre-wedding calendar with appointments from practically a year before. Also do not get overwhelmed if the delivery of the engagement ring does not leave so much time before the wedding. Support yourself as a couple to meet all deadlines, share ideas and tips on bridal hairstyles or gentleman suits. Union makes force.

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