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The 5 best cuts and hairstyles for boyfriends. Choose one and be the most handsome man at your wedding

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Most handsome man– Classic or trend, the haircut and hairstyle for the groom in his day, should be subject to two variables: comfort and style. Here are the styles that will make your personality stand out and shine when you say yes to your new wife.

When talking about nuptial looks, we always tend to think about brides. The eternal protagonists of weddings. Those who steal glances, those that impact with their hair and make-up or not? Well, not precisely. The boys also have their part of prominence. Nobody imagines a wedding in which the groom appears in looks. And with an appearance of not having seen in the mirror for days. All the girls want to have the most handsome boyfriend and all the boys want to be the envy of the guests with the perfect look. So in this post we are completely dedicated to the groom’s arrangement. And specifically to his hairstyle, to make it impact everyone and also steal the looks of all those attending his wedding.

Hairstyles for boyfriends most handsome man

the most handsome man

Men’s haircuts have long been pigeonholed into two basic categories: classical or traditional. But that begins to change, more and more children dare to try new styles and play with trends to achieve a look much more attached to their personality. That’s why we show you the some cuts and perfect hairstyles to look like a most handsome man on your wedding day. Take note and choose yours!

Side stripe

It is a haircut and hairstyle very El Gran Gatsby style. Although it looks like a classic style, it is actually quite modern. Because as you know, the retro style is booming. It denotes elegance and sophistication. If you choose this cut, you will look like someone  focused and mature, Ready to take the big step next to the love of your life. In addition. This style is perfect if you will have a wedding full of glamour and elegance most handsome man.

Toupee high with highly polished sides

most handsome man  at your wedding

This haircut continues in trend among the most modern guys. The toupee that everyone wants to carry but much more voluminous. The hair has a lot of texture and height, an aspect that looks even better thanks to the fact that the sides are very short and polished . This hairstyle is perfect if you have a modern wedding and a little relaxed. The ideal combination is with a modern cut suit, with skinny pants and thin lapel jacket. If you want a somewhat bold and trendy cut , the toupee should be chosen.

The hipster style

the most handsome man

If you are a hipster-style boyfriend and you do not know what style is going well on your wedding day, our recommendation is the pompadour cut. This consists of carrying the long upper part, to be able to comb it backwards and the sides must be degraded, so that the different “layers” of cut are marked. The sideburns are slightly faded and in many cases they are joined by a prominent beard. Ideal if you have a boho, hipster or very modern wedding.

Semi-shrunk with pigtail for long hair

Most handsome man that the semirecogidos or chongos are only for them? Well, you are wrong. The modern couple who wear their hair with a long midi , up to the shoulders or a little more, can opt for this type of hairstyle. The ideal is to make a pigtail very little polished, giving that effortless aspect of the cool guys. If your hair is wavy, a hairstyle that can work very well for you, is the tall chongo a little more polished.

Very short military type hair

discover most handsome man

If you are a boyfriend who does not like complications, surely this will be the ideal style for you. Bringing hair very short or shaved, is the perfect alternative for those couples who do not want to worry about their hair and give priority to other aspects of their personal grooming. Wear very short or shaved hair is an alternative for many men, of all ages, which gives him masculinity and a certain roughness in his character, which is surely one of the attractions for which your girlfriend fell in love with you.

An extra tip Experiment and try cutting and styling styles several months before the wedding.  So you can let your hair grow or modify the cut if it does not convince you. Once you have chosen, practice the hairstyle a few days before your wedding, so you will master the technique perfectly most handsome man.

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