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How do you get a pedicure for men?

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Pedicure for men– Although they do not recognize it openly, a man also likes to have nice, well-groomed feet. Although what you may think.The pedicure for men is much easier than the woman’s. Because it does not require excessive care beyond keeping the nails healthy and clean and some other hardness.
Among the most frequent complaints in the nails of men are black nails, spots. And infections caused by fungi that develop on the skin around or under the nails. Below we will explain the steps to follow to get a nice pedicure in the comfort of your home and get a basic care on your feet.

Top tips nice pedicure for men

get a pedicure for men

  • Step 1. Soak your feet in hot water add a few drops of essential oil or bath salts to the water. You will get hydrated feet from the beginning and soften much more the hard and dead skin so characteristic in the feet of a man.
  • Step 2. Use a pumice stone and some warm water to gently polish the skin. And remove dead cells and calluses around the feet. Pay special attention to the heel area. The big toe and the little finger together with their respective pads and the metatarsal area . Rinse both feet with semi-clean water.
  • Step 3. Gently massage both feet with a thick towel and remove the dirty water. Let the feet air dry for a minute or two. Massage each foot , ankle and calf with a quality lotion to moisturize the area thoroughly as in a man you have to do more emphasis so that cream penetrates in depth . The cream works well on the skin, particularly between the fingers, on the arch and on the entire heel.
  • Step 4. Another care to keep in mind when performing the pedicure for  man are the cuticles. Grab an orange stick and gently push the cuticles back on each nail.

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  • Step 5. Use special scissors to cut the nails in a straight line. A good measure to avoid cutting too short nails is to respect the length of the yolk. When the nail is much shorter than this, it increases the risk of ingrown toenails, something very common in a man.
  • Step 6. Use a nail file to create a slight outward curve but keeping the corners rounded . If you have a tendency to suffer an ingrown nail, gently slide the end of the file to lift the nail. Try lifting the red part to relieve pressure. Repeat until the nail regains its natural shape. The nails of the feet are thicker and much slower than the fingernails, so it is better to use thicker grain files.
  • Step 7. To finish with the basic care, give a light massage applying more lotion on each foot, ankle and calf. Place a pair of thick socks so that the formula penetrates the skin. The socks can be removed a few hours after the pedicure foe man or you can even sleep with them to get more softness.

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If you want to add a final touch to the pedicure for man, you can look for a dull enamel that gentlemen can use to strengthen and protect their nails without attracting attention . Some even help fight athlete’s foot infections and fungal problems.

Also, do not try to use a nail clippers to cut the toenails in a soft and circular way. The nail clippers are too large to create detailed curves, plus you risk cutting the cuticle and skin. Cutting the nails straight with scissors allows you to eliminate the entire section that you need to get rid of and also create a soft curved detail to prevent the corners from becoming incarnated.

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