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The 5 types of men’s sunglasses styles more sexy for today’s

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Since its development in the 1900’s, men’s sunglasses styles have become one of the most used accessories on a daily basis and is that, not only protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, but can be the right combination to complete the look.

We could even say that men’s sunglasses styles are part of the personal signature. And every year they have been the most used accessory. The men’s sunglasses styles accompany you during a day at the beach, in the afternoons in traffic. And even in a few drinks with friends and adjust to each occasion. Therefore, we must be careful when choosing the right ones, because some that can look good in others. Maybe for you are not favorable.

5 most sexy types of men’s sunglasses styles for today’s

Wayfarer sunglasses

best men’s sunglasses styles

The Ray-Ban brand made this style a revolutionary trend when it emerged in the fifties. With design and aesthetics giving a restorative change to the common metal lenses that soaked this era. Their popularity has increased steadily and the Wayfarer style is coming back with more boom in recent years.

This retro look is normally accompanied with a slightly colored edge, and is perfectly suited to any eventual wear.

Sunglasses by Marco Redondo

top men’s sunglasses styles

These were an essential accessory in the 20’s and 30’s. where sunglasses were  not used as eye protection. But only as a complement to the outfit. Over time, the technology began to move forward. and thus its lenses began to be accessible and attractive.

The trend of round frame guarantees a vintage look with a touch of eccentricity. And polyvalent enough to complement each and every occasion of formal-casual fashion. Since it does not occupy the entire face (in contrast to large Aviator sunglasses). Its facial features are accentuated – as such. It gives a more sympathetic. and softer appearance that can be useful, especially if it tries to impress.

Aviator sunglasses

the men’s sunglasses styles

The Aviator style   was developed by Bausch & Lomb . This design is now marketed by  Ray-Ban , being a leader in this style even when other manufacturers offer similar sunglasses. They are identified by having dark micas, they cover an area of ​​2 or 3 times greater than the eyeball, they have thin metal frames with double bridge (called bullet holes) and bayonetta rods behind the ears.

Sunglasses D-Frame

types of men’s sunglasses styles

Creating a modern and retro look, the D-Frame style  has been recognized for its precision in design and the unique perspective on the trend of men’s sunglasses styles . While other styles preserve an oval look, the  D-frame lenses are immediately identified, since they have a straight cut that is sharpened by the lid on the edges, radiating a futuristic feel.

Polarized sunglasses

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What differentiates polarized sunglasses from other styles is the fact that they are so reflective that. Those around them can use it as a speculate in motion. What we like most about this style is how bright they look. When they are portrayed, they are attractive and give an enigmatic touch to those who use them. If you are a businessman, polarized men’s sunglasses styles are the ideal ones for you.

What do you think about these trends? In our store you can find these models or many others that will surely fit your style and activities. Choose yours!

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