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The best Yoga postures for men

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Yoga postures– Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual activity that comes from India and is practiced by many people around the world, regardless of sex, age and physical condition. Although it is believed that it is aimed at women, every day that passes more are men who join Yoga classes to benefit from all the contributions of this beautiful discipline.

Yoga postures is a physical and mental discipline originated in India that can be practiced by men and women regularly regardless of their age or physical condition, because it provides important health benefits. Therefore, below, I leave you the best yoga poses for men.

At first look for simple yoga postures

simple yoga postures

If you are determined to start yoga, I recommend that you choose easy-to-carry asanas, so you can learn them quickly and progress to more complex postures. A good way to start in yoga is with the posture of the mountain , with which you will learn to keep your spine perfectly straight, preventing injuries occur in areas such as the pelvis.

It is also ideal for beginners the dog’s posture looking down. With this Astana you manage to stretch your spine and increase its flexibility, which can be of great help during training. Another position that you will not find very complicated to perform is the posture of the garland , in which you will work your abdomen, your pelvis and your thighs.

Once you master these Astana, you can take the next step and practice somewhat more elaborate postures, but they will also provide additional benefits.

If you are a man, these postures will help you get started in the world of yoga and, if you are a woman, you can begin to convince those of the male gender that are around you to practice this healthy discipline.

Bow posture

best yoga postures

The arch posture is one of the hath yoga asana that helps increase flexibility of the spine, as well as the strength, concentration and capacity of the chest. It also stretches the neck, arms, shoulders, legs and abdomen; massages the digestive system, improves digestion, prevents constipation, reduces excess fat in the waist, hips, thigh and abdomen.

Dog’s posture looking down

the yoga postures

This posture of the dog looking down helps to stretch the spine and improve flexibility. To do it you have to kneel on the floor with your hands resting on the floor, in a position of four points of support. Then, raise the knees and form an inverted V with your body, leaving the head between the arms.

This yoga asana serves to stretch the spine and hips and improve the flexibility of the ankles and knees. To do it you simply have to lie on your stomach and support your hands on the sides of your chest. Separate your feet to the width of the hips and bring the thighs to the heels, leaving your hands in the same place where they were.

Lift your hips and distribute the weight between the toes and hands to lift your legs and remain as an inverted V.

Fish posture

the yoga postures

The position of the fish helps strengthen and tone the dorsal muscles , as well as improve blood flow, promote brain irrigation and activate and channel energy in those areas. On the other hand, at the psychic level, we could say that it improves the ability to feel, to share, to give and to receive.

A regular practice of Yoga can help you improve your physical and emotional health , taking you to a state of relaxation and well-being. Also, this discipline helps prevent injuries, increasing strength, strength, balance and flexibility . If you have liked these asanas for men, you can take a look at the category Yoga to know many more routines.

Posture of the warrior II

Stand with your back straight and spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. Turn the right foot to 90 degrees and the left to 15 degrees. Bring your arms to the sides of your body and lift them up to shoulder height with the palms of your hands facing up.

Exhale deeply and lean your right knee without exceeding the ankle to prevent injuries in Yoga . Turn your head to the right and hold the posture for approximately 30 seconds. Go back to the initial position and repeat these steps on the left side.

With the posture of the warrior II the legs , the arms and the lower part of the back are strengthened.

Garland posture

a yoga postures

Squat down and open your knees to the sides. Lean in the middle of them and take your torso forward with your palms together as if you were going to pray. Inhale and exhale several times for 20 seconds.

The garland posture serves to stretch and tone the groin, the ankles, the abdomen and belly organs, the hip muscles and the back of the torso. In addition, it helps to relax the tibial muscle and the Achilles tendon.

We can all benefit from the practice of this discipline and despite being Yoga postures for beginners , it is recommended to do them under the supervision of a qualified professional. Also, if you have knee injuries, lower back or operations, it is better to consult the doctor to evaluate whether or not you can do Yoga.

Yoga postures is ideal for heating and stretching

look for simple yoga postures

Did you know that athletes increasingly include different yoga postures during their workouts? Yes, especially at the time of heating and stretching .

For example, the posture of forward extension , the posture of the warrior and that of the bow, among others , are very useful . They can help you both before training to get your muscles in tune, and afterwards to eliminate the tension accumulated by exercise.

Other asana that can be of great help are the position of the boat , which works the muscles of the abdomen, back and hip or also the position of the chair , which is especially effective to exercise the legs, especially the thighs .

Finally, the yoga postures , known as asana also have the same goal which is to get the emotional and psychophysical balance of the practitioner. Yoga implies a certain degree of flexibility and although women tend to be much more flexible than men, there are easy positions they can do when they come in contact with this activity for the first time.

This discipline is important for men because through their asana, it will help them maintain body balance, improve posture , learn to breathe, gain flexibility, relax and meditate. Yoga makes the person feel much more motivated to be at work and it is for this reason that many companies give Yoga classes to employees during working hours. In addition, it is ideal for athletes and students because this activity increases their ability to concentrate. The advantage of yoga posture, is that, according to your level and possibilities, you can accommodate the postures and duration to what suits you. The yoga postures can be made with some variations, and you can even help with accessories to make the practice even easier. When you feel that your flexibility has improved, you can continue with new positions, the important thing is to be constant and practice it with discipline, if you have any doubts, come to a specialist. Do not forget your breathing, this is basic when performing any yoga posture.


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