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10 keys to choose the perfect suit for a business appointment

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When it comes to wearing a perfect suit is to hit the make, there are different ways to choose the perfect suit.However, as a businessman looking to take your business to maturity, it is essential that you have a couple of clothing options to look professional when the situation requires, such as meeting a potential partner, a meeting with the press or a networking event.

Buying a perfect suit can be a scary prospect, since you have to choose the right fabric and accessories. We speak with various experts in style to offer you some basic tips.

What buttons to fasten to achieve a perfect suit?

the perfect suit

This topic is very simple, you just have to have very, very clear, that you should never  button the bottom button. As for the upper buttons, in a suit with two buttons you will only fasten the upper one, and in the three buttons you will be able to fasten the central one, or also the central one and the upper one, everything will depend on how you want your tie to look because if you fasten the top button, the flaps are narrowed and you almost do not see this.

What you absolutely must have

the perfect suit for a business appointment

The first two suits that should be in any man’s wardrobe should be navy blue and dark gray, says Franco Valhi, founder of Vesture and stylist for Alec Baldwin and Matt Lauer.

Moreover, the specialist says that if you have to choose between the two, dark gray is the option that must be chosen.

During the day you can use it with a blue shirt to have a business look. In the afternoon you can change for a white shirt without a tie.

As for fabrics, wool, or a mixture of this material with silk, can work in any season. And to have a more classic style, opt for a cropped lapel.

Expand your horizons

best perfect suit

The third option you should have is a black perfect suit, says image consultant Andrew Weitz . It should be reserved for more formal occasions such as cocktails or funerals. Later, you can experiment with more fun things like patterns like plaids.

Always choose a size smaller than you think

choose the perfect suit

In recent years, styles in costumes have shrunk significantly, says Weitz. Many men choose looser outfits on their arms and legs and do not realize that they actually look bigger and messier than they really are.

It does not mean that you should choose a perfect suit that is very close, says the expert. “You just need it to look good on you.” The sleeves of the jacket should stay three or four centimeters above the dumbbell and the hem of your pants should be just above the tapes of your shoes.

Shoulders are key

keys to choose the perfect suit

Any suit you buy will require you to make adjustments, but there is not much to do if you do not fit your shoulders right from the start. Even if you lose five kilos, you probably do not have to change a lot of size in your suits because the shoulders do not change, says Weitz.

The line of the shoulders of your suit should never be lower than your true shoulders and you must avoid wearing shoulder pads at all costs.

Release your buttons

a perfect suit

In recent years the presence of suits with only two buttons has increased, says Sal hi who says that these models are more flattering for the body.

However, one of the best ways to give personality to your costumes is to choose original buttons. Ask to see the options that your tailor has, says Sal hi, you can choose pearl – which shines too much – or models with an older finish. When you’re buying, ask a seller for help to find out what type of button goes with the fabric you chose.

Without socks?

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Young entrepreneurs can opt for the no-socks” look – especially during the summer – to have a fresher look, says Weight. It looks great when you cross your legs or sit down; it gives the perfect suit a certain mobility. However, you should never  lose sight of who your audience is. If you go to a meeting with investors, the last thing you need is to see yourself in disarray. For those occasions you should be more conservative. As for the shoes, if your suit is navy blue or gray, you should always choose brown leather. Shoes with ribbons or loafers work.

Shirts and ties

latest perfect suit

When it comes to business shirts, avoid the “pirate hilt” (tight cuffs with wide flight sleeves), those with excess fabric under the arms and those that accumulate at the waist, warns Parana Vera, founder of the digital store for men’s clothing Hugh & Crye .The white shirts work very well because they combine with everything.

For his part, Sal hi recommends buying the shirt and tie at the same time that the perfect suit is purchased, in order to have the complete set.

The tie should reflect your personality, says Weitz, but you should stay away from fluorescent colors and youthful designs. Do not forget that if you use a handkerchief in your pocket, it must be of the same fabric as your tie.


new perfect suit

From tie clips to cufflinks, watches and bracelets “men’s accessories were never more fashionable,” says Vora. These objects give your costume personality (and can be used to start a conversation). You have to limit yourself to using no more than one piece per attire. “When you ‘adorn’ more, you look cheap,” says the expert.

How much should you pay?

discover perfect suit

A good suit is not cheap, but making a great first impression can be invaluable. There are quality options starting at $ 1,500 pesos, but you should not forget that the more you invest in the suit, the higher it will be and it will last longer.

Keep in mind that the brand does not really matter as long as the suit suits you. Many people are obsessed with the label of their costumes and do not pay attention to the rest. Remember, you wear the suit, not the other way around.

Finally, wearing a perfect suit can transform you; Widen your shoulders and create a presence that will not go unnoticed. There are many things that should be considered when choosing a suit. What works for one person is not necessarily optimal for another, due to the composition, height and personal style. You must look for what feels good to you, that is aligned with your lifestyle, your status and the image you want to project abroad.

However, there are certain standards that govern us all and that set the tone for quality and elegance. Did you know that about seventy percent of people have one arm longer than the other? A suit produced under market patterns will never be the best option. Coupled with personalization, it also takes comfort into account. It is important to feel good, that the suit is not an impediment to your mobility and tight schedule. For an inexperienced eye the differences between a suit of low quality and a perfect suit could go unnoticed, but not for the experts.

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