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The 5 best styles of sunglasses that every man should wear for this summer

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Summer is at its height and styles of sunglasses have ceased to be an accessory that you can do without. But in addition to being necessary to protect the eyesight, they can also serve to improve the appearance.

It seems that this year the retro style has come with everything, and especially in sunglasses the trends show a return to the fashion of the seventies. The best brands of clothing and accessories for men have launched to the market a wide variety of models that combine rough and elegant styles with a touch disco to get the best summer look.

Of course, it is important to know the type of glasses that go according to the shape of the face, but you also have to give yourself the luxury of experimenting a little and daring to use the styles that will be causing an impact in the remainder of 2018.

These are the five types of lenses that will help improve your image this summer. Prepare to look like an alpha:

Square aviator styles of sunglasses

styles of sunglasses

The square or rectangular frames are back and are even dethroning the classic curved shapes that reigned in the aviator lenses. Without mirror or gradient, they combine a golden metallic frame with lenses of different colors, especially blue, red and yellow are recommended.

Round styles of sunglasses

top styles of sunglasses

A classic recovered and renewed. It has especially changed its size and lens shape. They used to be used more to John Lennon (with very circular and small lenses), but his new style chooses to be medium and with wayfarer or cat eye lenses. With a larger frame, other possibilities of colors and textures were opened.

Rectangular acetate styles of sunglasses

No doubt the more seventies glasses that have returned. The metallic details help to enhance the thick acetate frames. Preferably you should use gradient crystals in these rounded cut glasses. The most used color is brown, but there are also other options in dark tones.

Bowline styles of sunglasses

the styles of sunglasses

The frame that leaves the lower part of the crystals in the air has become a classic that can be used on many different occasions, from walks on the beach to formal events. Acetate is recommended as material for these glasses and lenses without gradient.

Rimless styles of sunglasses

men styles of sunglasses

They emerged just a couple of years ago and continue to overwhelm their original design. Many models have emerged with different versions, cuts, colors, and finishes; especially D. Franklin brand have been popular for its low cost and Gucci for its elegance.



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