People Are Happier with Short Breaks Than Long Ones. Here’s Why

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You might think that saving up all your holiday for a fortnight in the sun would make you the happiest you could be, but experts disagree with you. Author and economic behaviourist Dan Ariely claims that taking several short breaks will make you happier overall.

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If you’d like to read more about Dan Ariely’s work, you can find him on his website here:

The Idea

Ariely’s theory is that once you’ve been on holiday for a few days, your enjoyment starts to fade. By taking a mini-break, you’re not giving yourself the chance to get used to being away. It means you can enjoy the maximum pleasure from a break and repeat that a few times over the year in order to top up your joy levels.

Short-Break Ideas

The ideal short break is somewhere close to home, so you don’t lose too much time in travel. Pick a location that has enough to do so that you can stay occupied whatever the weather. City breaks are popular, as they give the opportunity to enjoy museums, galleries, theatres and the bustling night life.

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Although you might initially think of staying in a hotel, there are options such as Birmingham Serviced Apartments which give you the flexibility of self-catering without having to make your own bed! Shorter breaks allow you to explore places that you might not want to choose for a longer break. There are few places that don’t have enough to do to keep you occupied for a weekend.

While trips to the country might be spoiled by a rainy weekend, if you pack an umbrella you will have something to do in a city. And there are many beautiful spots to explore in the UK alone, although city breaks can include European cities which can be reached quickly using Eurostar.

Is Ariely Right?

Not everyone agrees with psychologists. Others point out that holidays aren’t always purely happy experiences, and that by spreading your holiday over multiple episodes we’re making it more likely for things to go wrong. That’s why staying somewhere reliable like BirminghamServicedApartments is a good idea: you know what you’re getting.

Why not take a mini-break yourself and see how the theory holds up? It’s a great opportunity to explore a new place and try new things.

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