How Does Taking Kratom Make You Feel?

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When taken in high doses Kratom gives off an effect similar to weak oral morphine. It can give a sight stimulating feeling or a calm sedated feeling depending on the dosage and strain. These two factors make a big difference in the actual effects that are felt. It is important to note that regardless of the dosage, kratom does not give much of a “high”.

The majority of people use kratom for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Some head shops have been selling it for a legal herbal high which has given it an extremely bad rap in the media. These types of vendors are only thinking about the money and selling kratom beside host dangerous synthetic chemicals that have killed people in the past. This is not ethical or welcome amongst the kratom community. It is best to boycott these types of vendors and ask them to remove kratom as a product – stick to known online trusted sellers. This herb is not a synthetic drug and should not even be considered a “high”.

A Kratom “high” is extremely subtle and some people say they hardly feel any effects at all. People who are prone to chronic pain are more likely to feel the pleasant effects as it can dull pain without largely affecting cognitive functioning or giving them a “high”. Like stated, it is a very subtle herb; it won’t make you hallucinate or go into psychosis. It can have a subtle calming effect that can slightly alter energy and mood levels without impairing you to the same level like other drugs or alcohol do. Keep reading 10 Reasons Why People Use Kratom

Many hardcore opiate drug users (many who started their habit from being prescribed pain pills) have suggested that kratom is a great substance to wean themselves off of their current drug(s) of abuse. This is because it leaves a very subtle feeling that may help these addicts feel somewhat normal by alleviating some of the horrible physical and psychological effects associated with withdrawing from synthetic opiate drugs. There are thousands of success stories about how many former drug addicts have used kratom as a tool to kick these horrible habits and get their (and their families) lives back.

So in the end, kratom is not a drug to get high off of. We don’t see it as much of a recreational substance. Sure, it can enhance mood but so can a cup of coffee or a cigarette. When you compare its sociological effects to other legal drugs like alcohol and pain pills, it really doesn’t seem to compare. The point is that this is a medicinal plant that has a very bad rap in the media. This website is dedicated to spreading the word about kratom. Our articles are not biased as we do also show the cautionary sides of the plant. In our eyes, moderation is the key when using anything therapeutically. As with any medicine or substance, it should be treated with care and used responsibly to receive the therapeutic benefits.

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