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The way in which an organisation communicates affects how effectively it does business. Branding is a major form of business communication and can influence whether an organisation is perceived as a leader or innovator in its field and whether it attracts a skilled workforce. Image Credit Businesses recognise the need for a strong brand in today’s many competitive marketplaces. Increasingly, there is a focus on extending the branding into the physical workspace. There is only one opportunity to make a positive first impression on your clients or your staff. Visitor Experience A carefully designed workspace makes an instant impression on a visitor and enhances the overall brand experience. The visitor immediately understands whether the business is creative, innovative and cutting-edge or an established and safe institution. Workspace design can also impact employee physical and mental wellbeing. According to an article from Forbes in 2018, leading psychological institutions and mental health […]

When we think of expensive streets in England, the country’s capital naturally springs to mind. Not only are some of the houses in London the most expensive in the UK but also the world. However, there are several other ‘Millionaire Rows’ throughout the UK worth considering. Image Credit Grosvenor Crescent in Belgravia, London With an average house price of £16.9 million, this London destination is the most expensive road in the country. That said, the competition in the capital is tight. Throughout the city of Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, six streets in all have a running average house price north of £10 million. Still, this doesn’t seem to threaten West London’s reputation. After Grosvenor Crescent, Ilchester Place in Holland Park has an ever so slightly lower average cost of £16.7 million per unit. And despite the rise of economic uncertainty, these prices have barely dropped. Eaton Square, with its many […]

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