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If you’re looking to improve your health and wellbeing, we have five more great health tips to take you on your journey! Image Credit Add more fruits and vegetables A simple hack to greatly improve your diet is to add extra fruits and vegetables to your meals. Focus on vegetables that are packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals without the sugar that fruits add to your diet. Fruits are also extremely healthy, but go easy on high-sugar varieties such as dried and tropical fruits, and enjoy them in moderation. Easy ways to add extra fruit and vegetables to your diet include salads, vegetable sides and blended drinks, which retain the fibre. Image Credit Move around more If you own a fitness tracker, you’ll already know how motivational it is to see how many steps you’ve done in a day! Simply aim to move around more, and you’ll be amazed at […]

Activated charcoal is used to whiten teeth for a long time. Even peasant girls rubbed the activated charcoals from the stove and smeared teeth with this powder. People quickly realized that a burned tree could make a smile brighter and, of course, enjoyed it. Today this method is also very popular. And for this there are several simple reasons: Availability of activated charcoal – it is sold in any pharmacy; Low price, thanks to which they can use everything, as long as they want; Convenient packing and shape. But is it really so good to whiten teeth with activated charcoal, as it is advocated? The fact is that many have a persistent stereotype – folk remedies are harmless since they use natural materials. The lack of chemistry justifies frequent and unsystematic application. In the conditions of never stopping cities, it is incredibly attractive. Moreover, the same chemistry and, in fact, […]

Shirts are one of the only clothing items that can suit almost any social setting, but that doesn’t mean that one size necessarily fits all. There are different types of shirts that are best-suited to different occasions, but having one of the following five styles will definitely form the basis of the perfect capsule wardrobe and make those dressing dramas a thing of the past. Image Credit Dress shirt Whether you’re a fan of mens designer shirts or off-the-peg, high-street fashion, a dress shirt is likely to be a must-have wardrobe essential for at least some occasions. If you haven’t reached that point yet, then start looking forward to the moment when you are shoehorned into your first tuxedo, with a dress shirt to finish off the look. It will usually boast a bib of reinforced fabric, a cutaway, pointed or wing collar and double cuffs that are ready for […]

The world of medicine is constantly evolving and improving, and recent research has found that fish skin could be a very effective way to promote wound healing. Image Credit The study involved a double-blind randomized clinical study, which found that wounds treated with an Omega 3 product healed much faster than wounds that were treated with EpiFix. Interestingly, EpiFix is made using human amnion membrane, which many people assume would be the perfect product for healing a wood, but the product made from intact fish skin proved to be much more effective. The Future of Wound Healing Some wounds can take months or even years to heal, and many wounds don’t heal properly. For instance, dermal regeneration often fails in wounds that are very thick, resulting in scar formation that can last for decades. The study with fish skin aimed to help improve dermal regeneration rates, helping full thickness tissue […]

Making your own clothes can be a very satisfying and useful hobby, with browsing patterns one of life’s greatest pleasures for dressmakers. Image Credit ‘Dressmaking patterns’ is a term to cover patterns for all clothes – not just dresses – for adults and children; in the same vein, ‘dressmaking fabrics’ covers a wide range of materials. Patterns are generally graded according to difficulty, especially with the big-name brands, which serves as a great guide. As your experience grows, it will become clearer how to interpret all the lines and shapes. Easy does it As a beginner, it can be easy to gravitate towards patterns marked ‘easy’ and spend your time poring over pretty dressmaking fabrics rather than tackling something a little more challenging; of course, there may be different interpretations of the word ‘easy’! Woven fabric Woven fabric is easier to work with for those starting out due to the […]

Balsamic is something of a recent phenomenon in cookery. While Italians have been enjoying its robust flavour for centuries, it has taken a little longer for it to gain speed across the water in the US and UK. The flavour lends itself to being used on salads as a dressing, in marinades and sauces, even in stews. The complexity of its sweetness and richness run circles around its cousin, red wine vinegar. Image Credit The origins Balsamic vinegar can be traced back as far as 900 years ago, where vintners in the Modena region of Italy were making it to take as a tonic. It was also given to important people as a favour. Although balsamic vinegar is called a wine vinegar, technically it isn’t. It is still made from grapes, but these grapes have not been fermented into wine. The sweet white Trebbiano grapes are pressed into a dark […]

Around 10% of the UK population has type 1 diabetes, a lifelong condition which requires pretty much constant monitoring and attention. Experts aren’t sure why diabetes occurs, but being unable to produce insulin – an essential hormone which filters blood sugar into cells to provide energy – leaves the body vulnerable to serious complications. Image Credit Living with Type 1 diabetes Testing blood and calculating the right dose of artificial insulin to take is part of the daily routine for a type 1 diabetic, and in many cases blood sugar levels remain stable, and within the target range. However, changes to the body, such as illness, or pregnancy, can cause disruptions to blood sugar levels which are harder to measure or predict. The risks of pregnancy Across the country 50% of babies born to mothers with Type 1 diabetes experience complications, mostly due to difficulties keeping blood sugar levels stable. […]

Historically, air conditioning hasn’t been considered as a necessary feature in most UK homes, as we haven’t had the weather, or the budget, for it. But as we increasingly experience long spells of hot weather it is becoming more popular. There are also more options available nowadays, such as portable units, which bring down the price considerably. Image Credit So, if you’re looking for some form of cooling system in your home, what things should you look out for and what really are the benefits? Benefits of a good aircon system An increase in temperature can cause real problems for some sections of society who already have existing health problems, and so the ability to maintain a steady, constant temperature can, quite literally, be a life saver. The filters in many aircon units also help to improve the air quality in your home by removing dust, mould and other pollutants […]

If you have been given the job of planning a stag do, it can feel like an honour and a curse all in one. Here are some useful rules to follow so that you can get everything organised without a hitch. Image Credit Get started early It may seem obvious but the sooner you start planning a stag do, the more smoothly it will play out. This particularly applies to issuing invites, as the attendees will need to arrange time off work and sort out a lot of other life admin to fit the event into their invariably busy diaries. Set a strict budget Be realistic about how much you want to spend on the stag do and make sure you are not excluding any key members of the groom’s friendship group or family by picking locations and activities they cannot afford. Image Credit Most importantly, you should agree on […]

As you approach the start of a new season, it can be useful to set new goals and targets for your team. You’ll no doubt have had an end of season debrief, so everyone will be aware of their individual and team progress and achievements. Setting fresh objectives and goals for the season ahead is a great way to refocus, understanding where everyone is now and what they want to achieve looking forward. Setting goals for the next season is incredibly important. These decisions will impact on your motivational environment, in training and when you partake in competitions. The goals and objectives also underpin the team philosophy and effect the decisions you make as coach. Ideally, you’ll want to balance goals between results and league position with development and evolution of player skills. Image credit Some important considerations when setting future goals could be: Was last season a success or […]

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