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Do you want to lose weight in the gym? Avoid the following errors

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Many are those who with this new year seek to join a fitness center to achieve the goal of losing weight, however, to achieve weight loss in the gym, you must take into account and avoid the following errors.

Performing a training not suited to our goal of losing weight, or commit some failures at the time of feeding or moisturize, can undermine our attempts to lose weight in the gym, so, take note and avoid the following mistakes to really lose kilos with the help of the gym:

Dedicate only to aerobics lose weight in the gym

want to lose weight in the gym

Many times we think that the exercises or activities that burn more calories are those that really help to lose weight in the gym, however, to lose weight with health, the weights are also necessary because as we told you previously, they contribute to maintain muscle mass and reduce the risk that the metabolism slows down. Read more: WHY DOES HAIR FALL OUT?

In addition, with the work in the bodybuilding room, we will shape our body, reduce skin flaccidity and gain firmness as well as reduce the risk of rebounding or recovering weight lost after taking off pounds of weight. above.

Exercise once or twice a week only

you want to lose weight in the gym

Regularity is the key to everything, therefore, being constant in our training is of real importance to create a habit of physical activity that allows us to lose weight in the gym over time and keep it after. Read more: WHY DOES THE ERECTION DISAPPEAR?

Training hard once or twice a week not only cannot be enough to lose weight but can also lead to injury if we try to compensate for the reduced frequency of training with greater intensity and/or duration in a gym session.

So, the best thing is to increase the frequency and be constant in our activity to lose weight in the long term.

Hydrate with isotopic drinks

If you go to the gym and sweat excessively, of course, you should hydrate, but with the single intake of water will be sufficient and it is not necessary to go to sugary or isotopic drinks during or after training.

The sports drinks help replenish fluids and electrolytes, but are specifically useful when training for a long time or run for more than two hours, whereas if you attend the gym for an hour every day, water intake enough to keep you hydrated and not add calories to the diet as sports drinks do.

Compensate more training with more food

best lose weight in the gym

Although many of us feel that we need more energy after an intense workout, compensating your activity in the gym by eating more, possibly hindering the loss of weight, because the achievement of a negative energy balance is not favored.

So, although you can eat a little more, you should consider that it is always advisable to increase the rations of good quality food and as much as possible non-caloric, that is, you can eat more fruits and vegetables but not add burgers or trinkets to the diet because you’re training in the gym.

This is a very frequent error that we should consider and avoid if we join the gym and we want to lose weight in the gym by training in it.

Focus the routine on the abdominal only

lose weight in the gym

The first part that we all seek to reduce when we want to lose weight is the belly, for this reason, many times we focus the training in the gym in our abdominal.

However, it is key to work the whole body in a balanced way and also, exercise more abdominal will not take away from our stomachs, because the abdominals are muscles and we, above all, want to reduce the fat that covers them.

So, while you must work abdominal and other muscles in the gym, you should not focus on one area of the body only when initially, it seeks to reduce the weight and fat of our entire body.

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