hair fall


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Hair fall- Straight and curly, gray and red, obedient and not quite – the hair for a real woman with a properly chosen hairdo play a huge role, as they make it possible to create a more attractive image. But no matter how experienced the hairdresser was, rare and dull hair cannot be concealed 100% either with the help of paint or by choosing the optimal length. For this reason, it is necessary to know what factors worsen the condition of the hair and what to do to restore their beauty and health. So why does the hair break?

Hair fall out improper care

hair fall out

If you wash your head with dandruff shampoo in the absence of dandruff itself, then it is quite possible to achieve the effect that was promised back to the promised effect. The same applies to cheap hair dyes, substandard balms and other care products that can only aggravate the appearance of the hair and then no vitamin c for hair will help. Read more: WHY DOES THE ERECTION DISAPPEAR?

Temperature differences


Drying with a hot hair dryer, lack of a headdress in the cold season, visiting the sauna – all this negatively affects the curls and skin. For example, beta-carotene for facial skin is a plant pigment and helps improve sunburn during the summer holidays, but it also has antioxidant properties, so it protects the scalp from the negative effects of free radicals, improving hair fall growth. Read more: How to give advice to a man correctly: the secrets of women’s wisdom

Poor nutrition


Insufficient intake of vitamins and trace elements is one of the main causes of hair fall and fragility. Most people wonder why vitamin E is needed for women, but without this substance, it is impossible to synthesize sex hormones that prolong youth, and also the formation of collagen, responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Vitamin E along with other micronutrients is very important for the health of ringlets, so when eating a diet, for example, on a rigid diet, not one’s well-being worsens, but also external parameters.


During stress, the hair follicle is disturbed by the spasm of blood vessels. In addition, stress increases the need for useful vitamins and minerals.

Chronic diseases to hair fall


Iron deficiency anemia, digestive system problems, severe infections and autoimmune diseases have a poor effect on the condition of the hair.

It should also be remembered that damage to hair is caused by tight elastic bands that break their structure, frequent use of curlers, as well as irons, plaques, etc. The use of high-quality cosmetics, the preventive reception of multivitamins, the right balanced diet, as well as a visit to an ichthyologist with the first signs of baldness will help keep the attractive appearance and health of each hair on your head.

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