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Proper, rational, thoughtful nutrition is one of the foundations of a health guarantee. In our time, many people are beginning to be interested in a healthy lifestyle – HLS. This concept includes not only physical training, refusal of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs but also the notion of proper nutrition.

What are the criteria for proper nutrition? Many people think that the basis of proper nutrition is only vegetables and fruits. But this is far from the case.


Drink plenty of water

No tea, no coffee, no cocoa, no sparkling water, namely purified, drinking water. For normal operation of the body, a person should drink a day from one and a half to two, not more, liters of purified water. Read more: Three fashion styles for men

Eat small meals, but often

What is it for? The body, namely the stomach, must constantly work. Every three or four hours you have to throw fuel at him. If the stomach stops working actively, it is very bad. For example, you did not eat all day, and in the evening came and dined supposedly. In this case, the body is overloaded, which can lead to health problems: every gastritis, disruption of the intestinal tract. Read more: How to make a healthy diet for men

Do not give up carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are energy for the body. Non-carbohydrate diets are actually like a car without gasoline. Carbohydrates should be in every meal, except the last. Why sleep before energy? Just should abandon the so-called “empty” calories – from bakery products, sweet, soda water.

 Eat plenty of vegetables and fruitsPROPER NUTRITION

Fruits, since they are high in calories, are best served before lunch, that is somewhere in the morning, in particular bananas and grapes, since they have the most calories. Vegetables can safely consume in the morning, that is, before lunch, and in the second.

Also, consume protein

legumes, lentils, tofu – it’s all sources of protein. Try to eat protein foods throughout the day. But most of all the proteins, together in vegetables, eat at the last meal.

 And, of course, fats.

It is best to consume them either in the morning or before lunch. And, besides, fats should be correct. Good sources of correct fats are natural oils of the first pressing: olive, linseed. They can fill salads, or eat while eating. It is necessary to limit the consumption of food fried in oil.

The food should be balanced

On the average, 40% of carbohydrates, 40% of proteins and 20% of fiber, that is, all sorts of vegetables (both stewed and raw) should be on the plate. In the morning and in the afternoon, carbohydrates should predominate in the menu to supply you with energy for the whole day. And already closer to the evening – proteins and fiber.

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