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5 attitudes that men love about women, do you identify?

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Men love about women. What do men like? What a recurring question! Sure you have done it more than once and the first thing that comes to mind are parts of the female body: legs, backside, breasts … And yes, they like all that, but in reality, there are other things they prefer in girls, as they are nice to them and inject joy into their lives.

I’m not deceiving you The physicist is immediately attracted to them, but in the long run they value more the following attitudes in a woman:

 Men love about women: What smileMen love

The smile is a very easy way to convey to men that we are friendly and it is good to be close. You have no idea how much they fear rejection, so when we smile, we invite them to be themselves and to feel comfortable around us.

Make it sweetMen love

With this, I do not mean that they like that we are cheesy and embrace everyone who comes to us, simply that we show ourselves warmer and more open to relationships. To be sweet is to be positive in our comments, to put aside the sarcasm and treat them with respect. Read more: 5 health tips for men with more than 30

Being independentMen love

Much of the drama in relationships comes from dependence. Jealous women feel that if they do not have a man by their side, their life will be over; But that’s not true. Children like that we have something to do, that we like it as much or more than having a partner because it is a sign that our life is complete without them. Remember: an independent woman feels more full and secure than one who is not.

Make it accessible

Have you ever refused to watch a movie of a genre you do not like or go to a certain type of food restaurant just because it’s not your favorite? Yes? Then you are not accessible. An attractive woman for men is above all an adult, knows how to negotiate and sometimes – not always – can watch a football match. Read more: What is the best protein to gain muscle – find out here

Know how to control your emotionsMen love

Have you ever made a scene to a man ?, You might think that being intense with our emotions is something very feminine, but whether it is or not, most of the boys are annoyed that we explode in crying or fury without a real reason. A mature girl, capable of understanding what she is feeling and able to handle with intelligence, is very attractive to them. At least much more than a queen drama, I assure you.

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