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Men’s Suits for Christmas Dress

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Christmas Dress– Christmas is already close and surely you have already planned most of the preparations as the decoration of the house, the gifts or the Christmas dinner, but you are still not sure what colors of costumes you should use to wear this Christmas. Do not worry; then I leave you some tips on how you should dress for this party so popular for everyone.

I recommend that when you choose the color of your suit, you have the color of your skin in a gutter, because all the colors do not look good on any skin tone.

The colors of suits at Christmas dress have very special meanings and representations. For example; the decoration of the tree, the house and the table of the dinner, it is very important that they have typical colors to create a festive atmosphere and to animate the Christmas spirit in any environment.

Then we mentioned some colors that you can use this Christmas that you are already very, very close:

  • Red: Red is a traditional color of Christmas dress
  • Green: The color of hope. It is a cheerful, fun color that transmits positive energy
  • Silver: This a perfect tone to look formal and elegant at any party
  • Black: The ideal color for any evening celebration

A very elegant suit is: black is a distinctive class. Few colors, except white, give a feeling of elegance as black does. It is very important that the shirt collars be without buttons.

The makeup and hairstyle should be very light since this Christmas season is preferable to use a natural look and the Christmas dinner is not the time for such a remarkable change.

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Smart clothes for this Christmas dress

 this Christmas dress

Christmas is coming and many men will take advantage to put on their best clothes. This Christmas season highlights the sets in neutral tones, the combinations of jacket and pants in different colors and the use of high-necked sweaters or scarves to replace the tie or bow tie.

Some  quality accessories  will give the final touch to our clothes: the  tie  of the right color, the  belt  according to the  shoes  and these supplements should be clean and in good condition.

For businessmen.  They should wear a dark suit, preferably black or blue. The shirt should be white and you should also use a matching handkerchief in your pocket. If you want to feel fresh and youthful, you can forget about your tie for a moment and wear your shirt unbuttoned or with a scarf around your neck.

How to dress for Christmas: men

Suits for Christmas Dress

In this post I leave some alternatives to look good at Christmas parties. So, I recommend that you pay close attention and learn how to dress for Christmas.

Nautico. If you want to look elegant and relaxed, I recommend you opt for the nautical style, it is a style that will renew its freshness. To achieve the nautical style : wear a cute shirt with a buttoned collar in pastel colors, preferably pink or light blue and combine it with a straight cut, light colored trousers. Unmissable: comfortable shoes and color. It is appropriate that you choose lined or striped garments. Be careful, always try to look sober and light, without losing elegance.

Urbano. With the clothes you wear you should feel comfortable and comfortable. The urban style is perfect for a casual Christmas dinner or with friends. Lightweight jackets, printed t-shirts, sneakers ; All this must take it with security and style. Opt for bright and eye-catching colors. Believe it or not, jean chupín is a classic of urban style.

Classic. Always keep in mind, classic garments never go out of style. For these Christmas holidays you can also choose the classic style, all you have to do is wear a plain white shirt or a shirt that has some subtle motif and combine it with a dress pants that is dark in color. For the event it will not hurt to choose a coat, it can be a diver or a sweater in light colors.

Urban Safari. For men travelers who take the adventure to the surface, they are recommended for this Christmas urban safari style. It is a style that allows you to use accessories such as colorful belts, hats or a handbag. Take advantage of leather and shades such as khaki, white, brown or beige. Combine textures without being afraid and feel free to combine all the attractiveness of safari with the simplicity of urban fashion.

Elegant. Are you a young entrepreneur or a businessman? Surely this Christmas you will go to a business gala or a formal event. For that, you should wear an elegant and formal style. Choose a suit of dark color, it can be blue or black. Combine the dark suit with a nice white shirt and a beautiful handkerchief that matches your pocket. If you want to feel youthful and fresh, I suggest you leave aside the tie and wear the shirt unbuttoned or with a nice scarf around the neck.

Bohemian. Bohemian style is recommended for men who want to feel like a true artist. Let your creativity flow in the mix of clothes trying to choose opaque and dark colors. Play properly with layers and different textures, it is not in bad taste to harmonize a shirt with a shirt underneath. Choose a nice pair of leather or jeans pants. To get attention, wear a good hat.

Christmas dress fashion look for men

top Christmas Dress

Today we bring to the blog some  looks of man  that we have thought for this  Christmas , in this second installment we present the  more formal or arranged men’s looks. We continue to think of combinations of colors such as  red and green , for being very representative colors of these dates, but this time using formal cut trousers and shirt.

As we see in this first look, we have composed a suit with pieces of different colors, as we mentioned before red, green and navy blue are what make this look that is both bold and elegant. As is customary  in our men’s looks, we use natural raw materials, such  as cotton and wool, to keep warm and comfortable. This first look inside out consists of  American  red wool and pants navy.

We can not fail to mention, a basic element that is repeated in our looks, is the club shirt. A round-neck shirt , which brings a touch of originality and distinction, and why not differentiation because it is a neck not very fashionable, but if widely used in the classic tailoring and among the male referents in the world of fashion.

Men’s outfits for Christmas dress and New Year

discover Christmas Dress

If you do not know what to wear for this Christmas or for the New Year’s party, we have some suggestions that will inspire you. You can also achieve looks with a different touch and so that they are not the same boring outfit as always, but have their fashion , Christmas and cool touch .

Casual with vest + boots

It’s the perfect season to wear vests and boots! At this time it can work very well to make a monochromatic look, that is, all in the same color range. So we propose a look based on autumnal shades: beige, brown and orange. Choose a beige long sleeve t-shirt, orange brown pants and a brown vest to match your shirt. Then choose your boots ! You can wear boots with buckles or laces, like the Caterpillar or Dr. Martens, or lean better for Chelsea booties, more classic and elegant. Do not forget your favorite accessories, like a watch or a leather bracelet.

Trendy with t-shirt + sack

Do you want something with a fashion and cool touch? Okay. We’re going to let you go in  jeans  and a shirt, but with a jacket and a  scarf  to give it more style. Our suggestion is your favorite jeans, a plain gray shirt or a logo (which are very fashionable), a black jacket and a  red scarf,  to give it a Christmas look. Put on some dress shoes and you’ll be ready. How about?

Classic with sweater + shirt

This outfit does not fail. It is classic and elegant. If you want to make it even more formal, lean towards dark colors, black or gray and you can inject color with a scarf. Plain shirts are also a safe bet, although there are very trendy prints: flowers or dots. And complement your look with one of the men’s sweaters in Fashiola. Choose your favorite: V-neck, plain, striped, braided … If the look is classic, choose also classic loafers .

Cool with jeans + sheepskin jacket

This look is modern, cool and fashion. The trick is to add that sheepskin jacket, which is one of the trend garments this season. Combine your jeans with a shirt and make sure you choose this jacket well. You will be perfect, casual, comfortable, warm and fashionable.

Formal with suit + coat

If your thing is elegance and these parties require a formal dress, what you have to wear is a suit . Our favorite is the gray suit, with which you can wear a white shirt and a purple tie and create a good outfit. As it’s cold, add a coat , the suggestion is a long wool coat in a darker gray than your suit. For shoes, decide on some oxford shoes and add some colored socks to give that youthful and fashion touch. You will go like a dandy.

The funniest look for Christmas 

This year the ugly Christmas sweaters monopolized the looks and are trend. They are so ugly and ridiculous that they became fun and we should all have one. So if you dare, you could surprise everyone at Christmas with one of these. We leave you here our favorite Christmas sweaters. You can wear them with jeans, dress pants, shoes or tennis shoes.

Finally, December came with all the dinners and parties and … it’s time to get handsome! It’s a special time, so you have to show off. Some will like more than others this having to fix a little more, but being honest: once a year does not hurt. So, men !, they are in time to achieve a good outfit for Christmas dress and New Year and surprise family, friends, girlfriends and more. To make things easier, at Facile we have created different looks that you can perfectly take to your Christmas dinner or at the New Year’s party. And yes, there are for all tastes and occasions, because it is not about going disguised or uncomfortable.

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