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Best diet for muscle volume for men

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Best diet for muscle volume– We invite you to learn with us the fundamental requirements that the diets for muscular volume must contain. And begin to recover the lost time once and for all.

Have you been training for years and you cannot increase the volume of your muscles? An incorrect diet is responsible for not achieving your goals in your workouts.

To begin with this article, we will explain some basic concepts that will help us to easily understand what is the process that our body goes through to increase muscle volume.

What is muscle mass?

diet for muscle

The volume of body tissue that our muscles have is what we know as muscle mass.

We have 3 different types of muscles: Smooth, Cardiac and Skeletal. We will focus on the skeletal muscle that is the muscle itself. The protagonist in carrying out the different movements of our body.

We have more than 400 skeletal muscles, that is, 40% of our weight is due to them. Well, it seems like they weigh, huh?

In addition, these muscles are made up of hundreds of fibers. Which often suffer micro-injuries due to training. Responsible for the pain that characterizes the day after performing exercises with high loads.

When the muscle is subjected to repetitive movements with loads. It leads to muscle hypertrophy.

This is the increase in muscle volume as a result of training. And for this to continue growing we will have to carry a correct diet for muscular volume.

Why is your growth?

The growth of muscle mass is due to the microrotures that occur in the my fibers of the skeletal muscles. When they have undergone intensive training.

Later these are reconstructed; they increase both in size and in number. To be able to face the new demand in the exercises with loads.

As you know, the human being has the ability to adapt to any circumstance. So naturally your body will tend to become stronger with more muscle fibers to perform any training.

We usually link micro-pain with pain. This is not always the case; many factors are going into play such as the level of insulin, testosterone, satellite cells or my fibers.

And now comes the star question, how to accelerate the process of reconstruction of myofibers. As well as the gain of muscle mass?

Respecting the 3 fundamental pillars;

  • Heavy training, intensive and appropriate to your goals. The training should be formed by basic. Or multi-joint exercises, such as the bench press, deadlifts, squats, curl, paddles. They are exercises that give a lot of strength and volume. They will also help you to build a solid muscular structure.
  • Performing a correct diet for muscle volume, helping to recover damaged tissues with greater ease and making the most of the workouts.
  • Resting daily between 7-8 hours to lower cortical levels and enhance the growth of muscle tissues

How to make a diet for muscle volume?

To develop a diet for muscle volume, the first thing that should be clear is that it must be a diet that provides more calories than the body needs for maintenance, that is, we look for a caloric surplus.

These extra calories should be increasing every week, without suffering sudden changes, so that the body has time to adapt to consume more calories and we do not increase the fat percentage in an uncontrolled way.

We speak incorrectly because the athlete may be able to follow a healthy diet but it is not adequate to achieve an increase in muscle volume, since it does not reach a caloric surplus.

A good diet for muscle volume, in addition to providing the athlete with extra calories, must contain a correct distribution of the main macronutrients.


Proteins have great prominence in the diet, of an athlete who wants to increase the size of their muscles, the function of this macronutrient is essential, since it is responsible for the repair of damaged tissues and the increase of the musculature.

Carbohydrates or carbohydrates

Carbohydrates have an energetic function and without them you will not be able to train intensely.

By consuming foods with a high amount of carbohydrates, we will increase our glycogen stores, which is the main fuel in our body.


Fats are also very important in your diet, are responsible for regulatory processes in the body, facilitate the assimilation of the rest of macronutrients and produce muscle-forming hormones such as testosterone.

These should be present in your diet between 10% to 20% . It will depend on the distribution of the rest of the macronutrients.

Once the components of your diet are clear, you should take a calculator and calculate your daily energy expenditure, according to your age, weight, height and sporting activity.

When obtaining this data, add 500 extra calories to look for the caloric surplus of which we speak.

We recommend that you go to a nutritionist that establishes a basic diet, appropriate to your characteristics and your goals.

If you do not have the financial means to do so, below we show you 5 models of muscular volume diets for men, for sure they serve as an example.

Diets for muscle volume

The following examples of diets to gain muscle mass are simple models that must be adapted to the exact amounts of the person, taking into account the exact weight, as well as their age, height and physical activity.

As you may have noticed, each meal is made up of the main macronutrients: proteins, hydrates and fats.

According to the metabolism and physical condition of each person, the exact amounts will vary a lot. That is why it is essential to know the caloric expenditure and make a diet adjusted to your needs.

In addition to ingesting all the macronutrients, vitamins and minerals are also important! They belong to the group of micronutrients that the body needs to carry out their daily activities normally.

For this reason it is important to include at least three meals a day, accompanying the main course with fruits and vegetables in season you will have all the correct levels of these micronutrients.

Supplementation to gain muscle mass

Diet is the basis of any athlete looking to extract the maximum benefit from their workouts.

But it is true that it is often difficult to reach daily calories, especially in volume, which is a stage that needs a lot of calories, so many athletes resort to supplementation extracted through natural nutrients.

The basic supplementation for muscle development is creative, amino acids, whey protein, glutamine and amyl pectin. They are effective and safe, but according to your soma type the amounts can vary;

Ectomorphs or very thin people

This supplement is ideal for ectomorphs and for those who find it hard to gain weight. It is recommended to take it right after finishing the training or as an alternative to food away from home, since it contains an excellent mix of protein, fast and complex carbohydrates, as well as creative to increase strength, you will have it all in one.

Rest of athletes

  • Create your own post workout shake with:
  • Creatine: Increase in strength
  • Whey proteins: Increase in muscle mass and recovery
  • Bcaa: Helps recovery, avoiding catabolism
  • Amylopectin: Rapid absorption carbohydrates to replace spent glycogen


The gain of muscle mass is a slow and expensive process, but following a correct diet for muscular volume, training intensely and efficiently, in addition to accompanying it with the corresponding rest, the changes will be immediate!

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