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Rules Of Fashion Style That Every Man Should Know

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Rules of fashion style-More and more men are worrying about looking good, as well as women. The last decades have served as a stage for male fashion to become more important.

Men also look at trends and want to dress well, no matter if it’s a formal or casual occasion. But sometimes the intention is not everything. We must follow certain rules that are maintained despite changes in fashion, such as choosing the right size clothes or know how to combine the belt with shoes.

Let’s see in more detail each of these rules so you know how to choose your outfit every day.

Know how to coordinate clothes

rules of fashion style

This is one of the points where many men fail. You have to learn to coordinate your clothes to look neat. The selection will depend on the occasion and the place you go. Dressing well for a casual outing , will not be the same as for a meeting that deserves elegant clothes.

One of the most common confusions is with what shirt to combine the ties. You can make different coordination’s according to the color, texture or pattern. But what you should not do is put a tie with a shirt with short sleeves or square pockets.

You must know how to distinguish between shirts to wear without a tie and those that you can combine with this accessory. Also look at the width of the tie; this should go with the width of the lapels of the suit.

A suit that does not go out of fashion style

To always be stylish, a suit that should not be missing in your wardrobe is the one with two buttons. It is one of the basic garments for men. Always make sure it fits you well. The seam of the shoulders should be just over the end of the shoulder or a little before.

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A rule that you should keep in mind is that the first of the two buttons should be over the navel. In the case of suits of three buttons, it is the one in the middle that must remain in this place. It can also be a bit above.

Dare to wear bow tie

Classic ties are not the only ones you can use to complement your look. There is also the bow tie or bow tie that returned a few years ago and not just for elegant occasions.

Now you can use them for more relaxed occasions, combined with blazers and colored shirts. It is also an option to wear them with vests. Your look will attract attention and will also be a topic of conversation.

Wide pants will make you look lower

Once again we insist on the correct size of the clothes. This time we talk about pants, you have to choose the correct width and length to dress elegant. Wearing very wide pants not only looks bad, it will make you look shorter than you are.

The pants must be adjusted to the waist, even without the belt. The width in the legs also has to be the right one. Ideally, it should be tight in the derriere and loose in the thighs, without squeezing. As for the length, they should fall a little on the back of the shoe, less than an inch.

The right shoes

Do not use very wide shoes; the selection should be in accordance with the fashion style you wear. Even when you want to dress elegant without a suit.

The footwear must be well adjusted and molded to the foot. One tip is to buy them at the end of the day, when your feet are a little swollen. Keep your shoes always clean. It eliminates the dirty one after each use.

Combines shoes and belt

A rule that you should never forget is to combine the color of the shoes with that of the belt. The finish of the material must also coordinate. That is, use a black belt with shoes of this color; the same if you choose brown shoes.

Another pair of tips on the belt is that these should be thin and should be possible to fasten them in the third hole.

Avoid very large logos

Do not be tempted to buy shirts with very large logos. To look good in an informal look , it is best to keep the clothes simple. Big logos draw attention to the wrong place and detract from the elegance of the outfit.

The measure of the suit

When it comes to buying a suit try one size less than you always use. This usually works to choose a suit that looks good and not too big. However, be careful not to leave it small, it should be well fitted.

Some signs that you should pay attention to when measuring a suit are the following:

  • The sleeve of the bag should arrive after the wrist bone. Not more than an inch.
  • The cuff of the shirt must be seen under the jacket. Must peek half an inch maximum.
  • To make sure that the bag does not get too tight, you have to be able to slide and move your hand between the jacket and the shirt.

Dress shirts always inside

The dress shirts are designed to always go inside the pants. These are very long clothes to wear outside. If you want a more casual look, there are special shirts that you can wear outside. But you have to know how to choose according to the occasion.

Avoid ties with funny designs

This type of ties seems fun, but they are not funny. They also detract from your attire. To dress formally you have to choose a more sober tie, which does not mean boring if you know how to combine it.

Some tips to select the tie:

  • The color of the tie must be darker than that of the shirt.
  • You must reach the middle of the belt clasp.
  • The width of the tie and the lapels of the bag must match.
  • If you use a scarf, it must be a different color from the tie.

Final tips

These are some of the recommendations that you should follow to look good every time you dress. However, they are not the only ones, there are other tips that you should also take into account. For example, in Fashion Stork recommend not to use more than one ring in each hand. You should not wear a sports jacket with a dress pants because it is not good, both are clothes that have their moment and do not go together.

Nor should you use any type of sock with a suit. You have to choose socks of the same color as the pants and with enough length so that the leg is not visible when you are sitting. The care you give your clothes is essential, make sure your suits receive a professional wash so they do not get damaged.

Have you heard before these rules of fashion style that every man should know? Tell us what you think about them and if you would add any more to the list. Do not forget to share this post on your social networks.

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