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The 6 best ways to combine a men’s blazer

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The men’s blazer, a symbol of the elegant and casual man, is a garment with an amazing versatility; it can be combined with shirts, polo shirts, dress pants, classic jeans, regular fit, slim fit, shoes, sneakers and shorts. They have a variety of colors and are mostly made of cotton, as well as wool, linen and synthetics. Other main features that highlight a men’s blazer, is that they are much fitted. In the following article, we will mention 6 ways to combine a men’s blazer.

Men’s blazer and beige pants for men with elegant look

men's blazer

The navy blue blazer is a garment with which you can make an infinite number of combinations. Wear it with beige pants, white shirt and a pair of brown leather shoes; guarantee a casual and elegant style. The navy blue blazer is an ideal outfit accessory for a man’s office.

Beige blazer and jeans the outfit man with casual style

Wear a beige men’s blazer with jeans, they are the perfect combination for every man who wants to wear a casual look. You can accompany it with brown leather shoes, to give a more elegant image or, on the contrary, white sneakers if you want to wear a more casual style.

Light gray blazer and black shorts for men with casual style

If you want to get out of the ordinary and make a difference with the style of your clothes, a good option is to combine a light gray men’s blazer, white polo shirt, black shorts and black sneakers. This will give you the ideal outfit with a casual and casual style that a man can wear in summer.

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Pink blazer and white pants for the man with pink style

Combining a pink blazer and white pants highlights the bold character of the man who wears it, while giving it a casual and modern look. This one complements perfectly with a light blue shirt and a pair of dark brown shoes or black boots.

Blazer brown wool and jeans blue the outfit of winter for men casual

The brown wool blazer is an excellent choice for a man to wear an elegant casual style with a winter outfit. If you combine it with a navy blue polo shirt and jeans, they are perfect as look for after office.

Scottish blazer and beige pants for men with a different look

The Scottish blazer, also known as a plaid blazer, allows a man to emphasize a classic, elegant and very refined style. If the blue men’s blazer has the dominant color, it will have a perfect complement to beige pants and brown leather shoes. This type of outfit guarantees you not to go unnoticed in any meeting.


The sack is not necessarily an element for formal occasions nor does it always have to wear dress shirts. T-shirts, on the other hand, do not have to be destined to recreational or restful events. You can combine these two garments perfectly; just follow some simple recommendations to see you well.

How to properly combine your shirt with the bag

Consider the dress code:  If you plan to combine a shirt with a jacket or blazer, keep in mind that the dress code you are going to have is casual. If you think of going to an act with a formal or semi-formal code, better look for another outfit to not feel “out of place”.

Learn to combine your shirt with the type of bag:  If you wear a shirt with the jacket of your suit, you will be completely out of tune. You will look weird, it will look like it is borrowed or that you put it on because you were cold and you did not find a jacket. It is important that you never wear your suit jacket with the t-shirt. The garment that you can use is the men’s blazer. Remember, the jacket of your suit is not the same as the blazer. The blazer is made to be used without the need to have pants of the same fabric or color. [Do not miss: 6 ways to improve your training]

Define the color of your shirt:  Not all men have the same color of shirts. It has a lot to do with your skin type. The rule says the following: – If your skin is dark: you prefer to wear white, light blue, pink and gray shirts. Try to avoid black. – If your skin is intermediate (light brown): opt for beige, navy blue, black. Avoid lime green (yellow) and red. – If your skin is clear: it suits you a coffee or brown, dark blue, gray, and beige. It avoids the pink and very chill ones colors. Obviously this is a mere recommendation, finally if you like to use all kinds of colors, go ahead. While you feel good, you go.

What type of t-shirt suits you ?:  We recommend UV-colored plain colors or colored polo shirts, but do not be afraid of prints because they are very fashionable to combine with blazers, especially if they are urban prints.

Some combinations that you may have are:

  • Gray blazer with magenta or navy blue shirt:
  • Black blazer with white or gray shirt.
  • Red blazer with white or gray shirt.
  • Blue blazer with white polo shirt.
  • Beige blazer with pink or orange polo shirt.
  • Bone blazer with red or purple shirt.

How to wear a navy blue men’s blazer

Do you have a navy blue suit or are you thinking about acquiring it for some occasion or celebration and do not know how to combine it? Here we present different tips and recommendations so that you could wear your navy blue suit to the maximum and dress in the latest fashion following trends. In addition, you must also bear in mind that a navy blue suit is a really versatile garment,

Since you will be able to use it from label events combined with elegant loafers, even for the most informal occasions, where you can wear it even with jeans getting a look between casual and sophisticated that will not leave anyone indifferent.

How to wear a black  men’s blazer

Nowadays dressing well is basic to make a good impression and it does not have to be difficult if you follow some advice and recommendations. The navy blue suits are a really popular classic that will not leave anyone indifferent and to learn how to combine them well and dress elegantly you should keep in mind some points.

First of all, a navy blue suit is a very practical type of dress because it can be used for formal events as well as for informal occasions, simply taking into account the efficient combination.

The classic blue suits never go out of trend although they are rather interesting for label events. If you want to wear it on formal occasions, but not on a label, it will be better to combine them with simple white shirts or blue tones. And if your blue suit is for something more casual.

A good option is not to choose a tie and unbutton the buttons of the suit. If you manage to combine it well you will get a very elegant look for all kinds of events. In addition, if it is a very elegant and refined event, you can choose a vest and combine it with the rest of your clothes, because you will undoubtedly triumph.

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