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Hairstyles for men 2019

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If you think there is little variety when it comes to hairstyles for men, you have been outdated. Today there are many ideas to wear a current man’s hairstyle!

While it is true that some time ago each area had a typical cut for men, with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion there is more and more variety of options for them to show the hairstyle that conveys their personality, tastes and style.

Man hairstyles

best man hairstyles

In recent years we have seen how short hair is not the only option for male hairstyles. It became a tendency to wear the hair longer than usual, with bangs, with crests or toupee style, these fashions encompassed men of all ages. In addition, cuts and hairstyles for gentlemen with short hair have diversified, giving the opportunity for each man to choose the cut and hairstyle that allows him to experiment with his hair and his look.

In this post we will give you ideas so that this season the hairstyle for men you wear is in fashion. We will follow closely the latest steps of the urban and casual trend, and we will show you the best modern hairstyles for men. With the images that we have brought you will have the ideas and the necessary impulse to finally make the look change you were looking for. We will see how short hair and its many facets come strong in this new season. We will also witness how the fringe, after being present in the summer of 2019, decided to stay.

Stay with us so you can choose the gentleman’s hairstyle of this season that suits your hair type and the style you want to wear.

Best hairstyles for men

Are you looking for the best modern hairstyle for men? See below all the options of hairstyles for men that you can opt for; we have compiled most styles for you to choose one that suits you.

Hairstyles for men short hair

Short hair for men in the past was common. But in recent years it gave way to styles with longer hair. In this season we will see how hairstyles for short hair men are again imposed. The best of all is that they come back trendy and renewed. You will love these new options and styles, in which the shaved ones predominate.

Short cuts of degraded man

This short haircut gradient for men is very manly and fashionable. Apply some fixative or shaping product that helps lift and shape the hair and fix the hairstyle throughout the day. As you can see in the image, this hairstyle acquires strength when it is united with a well-groomed beard of the shaded type, or complete middle.

Tupe hairstyle for men

It consists of wearing fairly short hair on the sides, as seen in the photo below. Also the current trend is to take it a little disheveled. It is a hairstyle that has been used in the last season, but being so requested has been imposed again this year. The modern toupee is a hairstyle for men that bring freshness to the masculine style. With this hairstyle you can play with the hair of the central area. It gives you the possibility of taking it to the side, backwards, wherever you want.

Toupee for curly hair

The advantage of the toupee is that it is suitable for straight or curly hair. For those who have curly hair or waves can comb it. It is enough to mold it with some cream to comb and fix the hair. So quickly and easily you have an impeccable hairstyle to look.

Classic toupee

The modern toupee is a little more relaxed and relaxed. But if you are looking for something more retro, classic and even formal you can bet on the classic version of the toupee.

Hairstyles with bangs for men

Among the men’s hairstyles that have become fashionable again this season is wearing bangs. You can get the same in different styles and shapes, look at some:


The classic fringe has imposed itself again, has invaded catwalks and fashion shows. It is a hairstyle that gives you a younger and less serious appearance.


The asymmetrical fringe has returned, although not as Justin Bieber at the beginning. Currently it is a better hairstyle for men if it is more modern, with disheveled effect, on the sides the cut is well defined and the bangs have asymmetrical tips.

After you get this cut at a hairdresser, you can keep it yourself. Dry the hair forward, then to the sides and finally apply gel to the fringe to mold and fix it.


This season, gentlemen can bet on a more romantic style by choosing a retro style populated bangs. This hairstyle has that disheveled effect and with more volume at the top. It is ideal for boys with curly hair. Show off your hair with this hairstyle and make everyone fall in love.


With the César cut, you can wear a fringe that is not as exaggerated or abundant as the ones we have shown before. You can take it as it is in the photo below or giving the bangs a touch or sideways movement.

Cesar type gradient hairstyle for men

The hairstyles for hipster style men have truly imposed themselves. Although there are those who think that this trend has passed, the streets believe otherwise. Every time we see how that style between modern and vintage has marked male hairstyles.


You can bet on a classic hipster style hairstyle. Without this means that the look that is achieved is not current, because it is rather trendy.

The idea of ​​this hairstyle is that the central part is populated and with a pompadour effect. That is, the hair will rise without being too marked in the central area. That is why it can be confused with a toupee even without being one. The sides can be shaved or low. And to complete the look the beard is indispensable. Below we show you an image so you can see what we mean.


The hairstyles for men style modern hipster cut requires more marked than before. Where the central part is loose and the difference with the shaved sides is greater. Likewise, the beard is necessary to highlight this style.

Short hairstyle for men

Very short or shaved hair is one of the easiest cuts to wear for men. Best of all, they never go out of style, but especially this season they have become a trend. Apart from going to the barbershop regularly to keep it, the rest requires almost no time or dedication to comb it.

 As you must have noticed when looking, beards are fashionable. So for those who want to wear this type of hairstyle with the maximum style, they can combine very short or shaved hair with a beard.

Celebrities have opted for this trend by making cuts called buzz. As was the case with Justin Bieber who taught us a while ago how a cut that does not have much science can be the change of look that you need to impress.

Hairstyle with male crest

The crest may be the male hairstyle you’re looking for this season. These already take a while between the hairstyles for men, and every so often they set the tone again.

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