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Dye shoes-Are you bored with the color of your shoes? Or, have you gone old and want them to look like new? If you knew that you can dye your white wedding shoes. And give them a color that you can use daily, would you?

Or maybe, have you found comfortable shoes that you like, but are not there in the color you wanted?

In previous posts we show you how lasts for shoes take advantage of shoes that are small and in this we are going to tell you how to reuse them and give them a second chance.

With these DIY tips: how to dye shoes at home and renew them DIY , you can do it yourself at home following a few steps . If you have some comfortable shoes there are very comfortable shoes that you do not want to get rid of, you can dye them. He will renew them completely giving them a new look.


best dye shoes

  • To begin the process of dyeing some leather shoes we must first know if it is natural leather or synthetic leather.
  • The natural one is that coming from animal skin. It is of a much higher quality than other types of materials. With proper care it is very resistant and lasts much longer.
  • The leatherette or synthetic leather is a material made from plastic products that resembles animal leather. This material is damaged and scratched, usually, more easily.
  • The dye for dyeing leather or leather shoes is usually the same for both cases and the process as well.

Materials needed to dye leather or synthetic leather shoes

  • A cotton
  • Acetone or alcohol
  • A sponge
  • Special dye for leather shoes of the color you choose
  • A brush that usually comes with the dye
  • Some gloves to avoid getting dirty
  • Newsprint to cover the table where you go to work
  • Bodybuilder or insulating tape to cover areas of footwear that you do not want dyed, such as soles or interiors

Recommendations before you start:

  • Place newspaper over the surface where you are going to die your shoes to avoid staining anything.
  • Clean the shoes so that there is no dust or mud.
  • Tape the parts you do not want dyed. For example, if you do not want to stain the sole, the heel and especially the interior.


  • Prepare the shoe that you are going to dye. For this you have two options, choose the option you prefer or have more at hand:
  • Buy the conditioner or shoe dresser for dyeing (sold in any drugstore). Open the pores and apply with a scouring pad.
  • Rub with a scouring pad, not very strong, soaked with acetone or alcohol. This removes the varnish from the shoe and the dye will fix better.
  • Put on some gloves and apply the dye with a sponge making circular movements. For the smaller areas of the shoe that are more difficult to paint or even to brush up, use the brush that usually comes with the shoe dyeing kit.
  • Let dry as indicated by the manufacturer, usually at least a full day.
  • Give more layers if necessary or you want a stronger tone.
  • When you have finished the entire dyeing process, polish the surface of the shoe with bitumen to make it clean, soft and shiny.


In this case you should also prepare the work area and thoroughly clean the suede shoes before dyeing them. You have the most detailed instructions in this article that I leave you below: dye shoes of ante, nobuk and gamuza Renew suede, nubuck and suede shoes.


  • Follow the steps I have described in the leather shoes, except the point of apply preparer since the suede is a porous fabric in itself.
  • Allow to dry after the tinting process.
  • Apply a fixer that waterproofs the shoe. They will last you more clean time and they do not spoil so much.
  • The dyes for shoes of suede do not have so many options of colors as in the ones of leather, but you can return to give them life if they have been much discolored with the passage of time.


The patent leather being a more delicate material needs special care. This type of material is characterized by its brightness and for that it is essential to keep it clean and without scratches. Dyeing patent leather shoes is a more delicate process than leather.

The first thing I can tell you is that they cannot be dyed. The reason is that being a material (leather), lacquer would have to remove that layer of varnish to dye it and then re-lacquer it.

I have seen in some places that they managed to go from a light color to a dark color, but I could not say if the result is optimal, so I only dare to say how you can keep them clean and shiny.


Clean the shoe with very thin cloths or chamois. For the area of ​​the sole we can use soft brushes.

Then we will use a specific product for patent leather, which is responsible for softening, nourishing and brightening. Leave the patent leather shoes gleaming.

Finally, let dry a few minutes and then we will pass a dry cloth to give the desired brightness.

Another trick to “dye patent leather shoes” is to use permanent markers. Both for the stripes and to cover some areas. Although it seems that gives the same result, you will have to go over the areas where the ink is going.


  • There are different colors of dyes for each type of material
  • To dye shoes you need a good dye. You have to choose the right one for each type of shoe that we are going to DYE because depending on what we want to DYE, some dyes or others are available.
  • The colors of the dyes are not the same nor can they be applied to all kinds of materials. For example, for suede shoes there is no possibility of dyeing them with the full range of colors that we would have at our disposal in leather.
  • If you want to know what the brands are and what kind of dyes you need, visit the article dye for shoes. There you will find everything related to this topic as well known types and brands of dyes.


When you have tired of putting on the same shoes again and again and want to renew your wardrobe do not hesitate to dye them in another color to continue enjoying them.

If on the other hand you want to give it a fun touch or you want to make unique sneakers, you can design drawings or add some ornaments to create a personalized look.

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