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Know the trends in men’s fashion for 2019

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Men’s fashion, which for many does not have much transcendence, is actually something very necessary to feel good about oneself and to project a good image towards others.

This 2018 is about to end to start a 2019 full of new purposes in which the attire will be indispensable. Whether for a business meeting. A work appointment or any other matter. The importance of good dress is undeniable and will make a difference for men’s fashion.

Top trends in men’s fashion for 2019

men's fashion for 2019

And to know about this matter, we consulted the USA brand  which has just presented its latest collection called Celebrità and inspired by Italian celebrities. This consists of shirts and guayaberas in Egyptian linen, shirts made with Pima cotton that is considered the best in the world, colorful pants, jeans and blazers.

As for footwear, the brand presented a classic line, a casual and a sporty one. Likewise, he announced a wide collection of belts that he will give to his clients during the month of December for the purchase of a pair of shoes.

trends in men's fashion


Clothing in ancient Egypt was a direct consequence of the climate: warm and dry. Also of the way of life and of the activities that were carried out in the open air. There clothes were used exclusively linen for men’s fashion. Because of the belief that it was a pure material and for which. It was cultivated exclusively for textile purposes. At that time the preferred color was white, although I could carry some drawings on the edges.

Taking advantage of the history and freshness that the material offers USA best brand. It to make shirts and guayaberas with avant-garde designs and impregnate them with multiple colors:

Shirts made in Pima cotton

Pima cotton is native to Peru and thanks to the excellent natural conditions of the cultivated fields located in the north of that country and the hand-harvested system that does not damage the fiber. It becomes the best cotton in the world.

This fiber has extraordinary characteristics of length, fineness and softness; what makes possible the production of uniform and resistant yarns destined to the manufacture of textiles for the most demanding markets in the world.

Wanted to start using this material for the production of their shirts. Within the new collection. Customers can choose casual designs to wear with jean or more elegant garments to wear with suit:

Colorful pants

best men's fashion

Although blue and black will remain the kings at the time of dressing, USA brands proposes new colors such as yellow and red as well as pastel shades. The brand affirms that it also depends on the climate in which the person finds himself and on his personality. However, in cities with a cold climate such as Bogota, this type of garments are also used, especially at the beginning of the year when the sun is visible.


Jeans will never go out of fashion and may be used at any time but with certain rules. For example, to have an informal outfit, they can be worn with tennis and a shirt. But if you want to have a more casual look. It is recommended to wear them with a shirt and a blazer depending on the weather in which the person is. And if you want to have a more formal presence, the ideal is to use a classic jean with a formal shoe, shirt and blazer.

Offers a variety of casual, casual and formal jeans. In terms of colors, the brand recommends having at least one blue and one black, so there will be more variety when dressing.


discover men's fashion

As with jeans, the brand recommends having at least two shades of color, one light and one dark. So you can contrast the clothes and combine them efficiently. The materials depend on the type of attire you want. This can be cotton for a more casual look, even fibers like the cloth for more formal occasions. It will also depend on the place where the person is, flax for example. It is recommended to look formal in a city of temperate to warm climate.


the men's fashion for 2019

Recommends having at least one pair of casual shoes, one formal and one sporty. The above since people have different roles throughout the week. For example, someone who, from Monday to Friday. Prefers to dress casually to go to the university or the office. But at a certain moment, needs to be formal for an important meeting. Also, this person will want to look more casual on the weekend.


discover men's fashion for 2019

Recommends combining the footwear with a belt of the same color and also the same style men’s fashion for 2019. Because if formal shoes are used. It will not be good to use a belt that is not. For this reason, the brand will give a belt for each pair of shoes acquired by its customers during the month of December.

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