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Casual shoes for men, what’s new for this 2019

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Casual shoes – New year 2019, new shoes. In short, marking the next 365 days trend is quite an achievement. Betting on a new pair of shoes entails your correct selection, all in order to complement your image and see you very well all year round.

If you are one of the guys who take care of even the smallest detail in your outfits then you must know what will be the trends in casual shoes for men during 2019.

We have selected for you three styles of casual shoes for men with which you can expand your collection and combine them throughout the year. We assure you that if you choose the right clothes you will have a great diversity of styles in your closet and you will always look spectacular; Know them and choose the pair that goes well with you.

Top casual shoes for men 2019


the Casual shoes

If your style goes beyond the traditional you have to bet on casual shoes for men hybrid, that is, they mix different styles in the same pair. These you see here are the perfect balance between a footwear sailor (by the shape of the shoe and the type of sole), loafers (by the type of leather with which they are made) and a few choclos (for the laces with which they have ).

If you decide for these casual shoes for men, be sure that you will achieve a versatile style when combined with different garments. Whether it’s khaki or gabardine pants, with some heavier fabric for the cold season or even in hot season these men’s shoes will go perfectly with a linen pants for the beach or your favorite short. They are the most versatile model you can get this 2019.


Casual shoes for men

If your happiness is in the comfort of your feet, the sneakers are casual shoes for men that will always bring you that comfort, versatility and good style you are looking for when walking. The trend for this 2019 is to choose those sneakers that combine colors, play with the textures and contrast with the colors of their soles.

If it’s about casual shoes for men, sneakers are the perfect ally for your favorite jeans or for those pants with a more casual style. Be careful, do not be afraid to use them with your favorite pants for a Sunday in which you prefer to dress casual, they come in handy. You will like to know that your comfort will take you to another level, you can walk up and down throughout the day without problems.


the casual shoes for men

The shoes with colored soles are a style of casual shoes for men that will continue to set trends throughout 2019, even some footwear designers will bet on their creations for even more striking soles and that mark the contrast between the top and bottom of the shoe.

This is the ideal time to add this trend to your look, start the year innovating your style and dare to look different. This pair of casual shoes for men are perfect for a casual business dress code, mix them with plain pants and a semi-dress shirt, add to the attire a blazer in some tone that contrasts your entire outfit. You will be surprised how impeccable you will look, your image will speak for itself.


best Casual shoes for men


These are some trends with which Flexi will continue to surprise you during the next 365 days so there are no pretexts to renew and be original during 2019. Run to your nearest Flexi store, get to know them and discover that quality and good style are aspects that at no time are you fighting, decide at once.


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