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Ten tips to take care of the skin function in winter

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The skin function is exposed to inclement weather, the areas most sensitive to low temperatures being the cheeks, lips, neck, neckline and hands. Therefore, it is important to take into account a series of tips.

Top tips to take care of the human skin function in winter

skin function in winter

Hydrate the skin function daily and several times a day. This is especially important in those who suffer from some type of dermatologist (topic dermatitis, psoriasis …). A suitable emollient (based on lanolin, urea, etc.) will help maintain healthy skin during the winter.

  • Avoid washing your hands excessively. The wear dermatitis that affect the back of the hands are a frequent reason for consultation at this time of year. Especially in people who for labor reasons are washed repeatedly. To avoid this, the use of gloves and creams with barrier effect should be promoted.
  • Do not use aggressive products for washing face and body. Choose soft products and dermatological tested.
  • Avoid showering with very hot or very cold water. Ideally, warm water. And not shower more than once a day. As this would increase the dehydration of the skin function.
  • Moisturize the lips and protect them from ultraviolet light. The lips suffer a lot in winter, especially if there is a base alteration (topic, actin ileitis …).
  • Do not forget sunglasses and daily sun protection also in winter , especially in areas where there is snow, since it reflects 80% of solar radiation.
  • Wear gloves and warm clothes . Especially those patients with sensitivity to cold and who usually suffer from permission (chilblains). Or Maynard phenomena (cold fingers that turn white, bluish and red)
  • Flee from sudden changes in temperature, as this increases the possibility of the appearance of dilated capillaries (televangelists or spider veins) on the face (especially cheeks).
  • The most recommended active principles for non-sensitive skin are: vitamin C, retinoic acid, glycolic acid and hydroxy acids (with important anti-aging function). However, there are intolerant skins that must use soothing, vasoconstrictive. And decongesting substances, such as dexpanthenol, alfabisobolol, rusco, glycyrrhetic acid … In addition, they have to avoid products that contain alcohol, preservatives or perfumes. Therefore, individual dermatological assessment of each type of skin is essential.
  • The texture of the ideal cream will also depend on the type of skin. And if you have any underlying condition. In general, the fluid will be better for combination or oily skin and cream for mature and dry skin function. There are new face masks and consultation treatments. Such as mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid, which help to hydrate deeply.

take care of the skin function

  • Winter is the best time to perform intensive facial depigmentation treatments, both at home and in the doctor’s office (chemical peelings or masks).
  • Caring for food. Increase the consumption of vitamin C and antioxidants. Do not forget to drink between 1.5-2 liters of water per day.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol, as they negatively affect the health of our skin function, generating free radicals. In addition, alcohol worsens facial capillary dilation.

Top keys for men to have the most youthful face

the skin function in winter

Yes, one of the dreams of every man is to maintain a young and smooth skin despite the continuous shaves to which we submit day and day also. For this, we are going to give you some advice. Aim and the mess.

Clean, exfoliate, hydrate. The most essential skin function care regimen includes three things. Cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. You should clean your face in the morning when you get up again. And again before going to bed, to remove from the pores any buildup of the pillow and sweat. As well as environmental toxins and dirt. After washing, you should exfoliate the skin. But only twice a week. Morning and night rehydrate with a moisturizer to restore the protective layer of the skin. And prevent toxins from entering the pores.

At night, the cream more dense. You can replace the moisturizing application with a night cream. Which is full of additional nutrients that the cells can absorb while we sleep. It is important to have a skin care strategy at bedtime because cell regeneration occurs much faster at night time. Buy a night cream that focuses on repair and anti-aging.

Try retinol. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that almost all dermatologists consider “the miracle anti-aging product”. The prolonged use of retinol actually reverses fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and acne. But there are many precautions you should take with retinol. avoid sunlight without protector, just use it before going to bed. And, if you have clear skin, prepare a small peel of the skin while adapting to it.

Sleep deeply. On the subject of bedtime: it is important to sleep a lot if you want a youthful looking skin. Seven or eight hours are essential, every night. Your body-each function, not just the regeneration of skin cells-needs this time to recharge. and if you routinely lose a full night’s rest. you will begin to add years to your precious face.

Eye cream An eye cream also has more specific nutrients than a traditional moisturizer, designed for the thin skin that surrounds the eyes. Using one daily will prevent dark spots. And circles under the eyes, minimize swelling and keep crow’s feet at bay.

Drink a lot of water. Just as you need to sleep enough to maintain your youthful skin. You must keep yourself well hydrated to keep your bodily functions fully nourished. Dehydration produces dry and brittle skin, acne, slower healing … It flushes toxins from the body. Provides nutrients and keeps you looking young every day and long term.

the skin function in winter

Goodbye caffeine, added sugars and alcohol. The antagonist in your search for youth has three faces: caffeine, sugar and alcohol. These vices dry out the skin functio, clog the pores. And compromise the sleep Limit yourself to a coffee in the morning, stay away from ultra-processed products. and of course, do not go over with the glasses.

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