Casual clothes for men

Casual clothes for men style and fashion 2019

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Casual clothes for men style and fashion are two very different things. Fashion is dressing according to what is fashionable, but style, well, style is something completely different. It’s about dressing to feel good and take what you like and what suits you best. Which is great, but when was the last time you saw somebody in their pajamas down the street? Simply because it is what makes you feel most comfortable. Today we have prepared for the best ideas of casual clothes for men of the catwalks of fashion seams in London Milan and Paris. Everything so that the kids who like the urban style can be inspired.

Casual clothes for men – Spring Summer Trends 2019

best Casual clothes for men

Strong, athletic, independent, and modern: this is the image of a man of the 21st century. He is constantly thinking about his progress, open to discover new corners of the world, dedicated to his favorite business, knowing what he wants and always achieving his purposes. Such a man is difficult not to be noticed, since he has style and charisma that cannot be hidden.

If you are a person who thinks in your closet to the smallest detail then it will help to see the trends of casual clothing for men for spring summer 2019. Check our photos and read our advice about how to stay in the trend and look elegant in 2019.

Casual clothes for men we are inspired by the designs of the fashion

You can see the bold designs presented in the fashion weeks of London, Paris and Milan, and mock. You can laugh and think that there are absurd models but this at first glance. However, if you look a little closer and you will see that there are designs and details that you can take advantage of to be inspired by the best urban style trends: if they are used correctly, they will take you away from the boring style.

Spring of 2019: fashion novelties

Casual clothes for men style and fashion

Style is an integral part of the formula of success. A well-chosen clothing for a stylish image speaks about a person’s taste and position in society. The world designers every year in their collections offer us many fashion designs.

Men’s fashion in the spring of 2019 offers all men the right to choose

Pants are still a trend, but they have free cut models that will be comfortable for everyone. You can combine pants with jumpers, shirts and jackets. In the photos you can see interesting design solutions and original jackets. The masculine tendencies of spring-summer 2019 show us that we will have to choose models with three-quarter sleeves.

Great attention must be paid to accessories. The hats have gained the main position for spring. The fashionable novelty will be the scarves and bright bows. The cliometric scarves combine perfectly with the layers and are a relevant accessories knowing how is the spring weather. These images emphasize the business style of modern successful men, which is relevant during the day.

Menes casual clothes the best designs of the menswear

discover Casual clothes for men

In the style of spring-summer 2019 for men of masculinity dominates. This is shown in the textures of fabrics, massive details, strict lines. If it’s sweaters, then knit, the same goes for scarves.

A great influence on the masculine image is always provided by a woman who is close to him. Introduce matching elements, softness and complements with small details. To go to romantic dates or weekends with friends, designers recommend denim.

A denim jacket over the broad shoulders of a man makes it clear to a woman that he is a self-confident guy but he is also simple and a person he can trust. The romantic image for dating with your loved ones will be complemented by thin turtleneck sweaters, vests and striped shirts.

Summer 2019 casual clothing ideas for men and the trend of male style

the Casual clothes for men

Men’s fashion trends for the summer of 2019 will please men who prefer comfort first and foremost. Designers in their fashion collections emphasize free-cut clothing: baggy pants, airy shorts.

The latter become an indispensable element of a man’s summer wardrobe. Shorts with a belt perfectly harmonize with vests or blazers. This option is suitable for offices.

If the shorts of bright colors, for example, orange or red, will look good at summer parties. In addition this model is combined with almost all clothing: with shirts, shirts, polo. Complement the image with loafers or sneakers. Fashion includes the popular 90s Bermuda shorts. They are presented in pastel colors, bright colors and decorated with large pockets.

For the days when you want to be even more casual, knee-length jeans will be your choice. In men’s fashion, the floral motifs in shorts and shirts have not yet gone. Men like military color or khaki.

In the summer of 2019, men should not fear the bright details and accents in the clothes. Fashion designers offer elements of embroidery, scattering of stones and rhinestones.

In the collections for the summer of 2019 we see an abundance of white menswear for men. He creates a feeling of celebration, care freshness, cleanliness. This color adds confidence and emphasizes good taste. White cropped pants made of natural fabrics will be a good idea for men, and the image will be complemented with shoes that are worn without a sock.

The classic linen pants is another option in combination with a jacket that can differ from the jacket. Add highlights on the shirt such as stripes, an impression or pattern that you like. The pants can be with a high waist. A mandatory element for such models will be a belt with a leather texture.

Fashion designers also offer classic style shirts, but decorated with gold brooches and embroidery, English-style jackets with patches on the suede elbows and corduroy fabrics and, of course, jeans.

For 50-year-old representatives the designers advised a pair of classic blue jeans. The sweaters, the cardigans with geometric designs will be very fashionable in spring and will add style to the game.

The layers are also a timeless classic element. They perfectly complement the image of man. The images of summer involve the presence of comfortable pants, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, straw hats and, of course, glasses.

The style of urban clothing for men implies a combination of eclecticism and comfort, where often a subtle sense of style is complemented by bad taste. Therefore, creating an ideal image in this spirit is not easy. The main trends of the urban spring-summer fashion season of 2019 are clearly inclined to extravagance.

For young people in 2019 the bright colors in different combinations will be modern, for the men of advanced age the pure classics are offered. The severity of a suit can soften the presence of an accessory. Bold combinations in the shape of a jacket, in combination with a shirt, suitable for official events.

An example of modern color is dark brown. The perfect color for fans to exceed the established goals. The combinations of coffee and cinnamon shades are considered trend. The clothes have a dark color, but quite nice. In harmony with the beige, it will look perfect. To the image should be added a pair of suede shoes.

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