Homemade soap with activated charcoal

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Perhaps today one of the most unusual master classes on soap awaits you, because we will do it using activated charcoal. Such a soap will be an excellent present for all those who love the original humor handmade presents. And, of course, we could not make this creative soapy slightly festive, and therefore added a little shine.


  • 230 grams of transparent base,
  • 23 grams of glycerin liquid,
  • Silicone molds,
  • Activated carbon,
  • Iridescent shine,
  • 1 ml. patchouli oil,
  • 3 ml of cranberry oil,
  • Mini-scoops.


Melt 230 grams of soap base and pour the soap into a heat-resistant container, put it all for 30 seconds in the microwave. Mix together 23 grams of glycerin, 6 activated charcoal tablets, 4 glittering globules with sparkles, 1 ml patchouli flavor oil and 3 ml cranberry oil. Thoroughly mix everything and pour it into the silicone mold.

Let your handmade soap cool down for 10 minutes and then remove it from the molds.

Then use the knife to cut the soap into 4 parts and quickly roll them into balls using the hands. Fold them into balls as quickly as you can (you have about 2 minutes to work with warm soap).

Note: You will have to wash your hands after you make your own soap with your own hands – it’s quite a sticky process.

Other recipe of activated charcoal soap

  • Natural soap for face and body;
  • Contains activated charcoal, turmeric powder, rice oil;
  • Delicately cleans, whitens and rejuvenates the skin, smooths wrinkles;
  • Skin after the use of soap looks young and radiant.

Natural soap made from activated carbon with the addition of natural turmeric and rice oil. In combination, these ingredients make the soap very delicate and at the same time effective for cleansing the skin, rejuvenating it and bleaching it.

Soap deeply, but at the same time delicately cleanses the skin of dirt, brightens the skin tone, eliminates pigmentation and post-acne. In addition, the tool has anti-aging effect – it tightens the skin and removes wrinkles.

The result of regular use is a clean, smooth, radiant skin of face and body!

How to use: Soap the soap and apply foam on the damp skin of the face and body.

Massage with a sponge, sponge or palms, and then rinse with warm water.

Suitable for daily use.

Soap with activated charcoal and coconut oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face and body. Helps to fight with pimples and acne, and also reduces post acne pigmentation and black spots. Effectively removes dead cells of the epidermis, making the skin soft and velvety.

How to use: Regularly, 2-3 times a day, apply to damp skin of face and body, it is easy to massage and wash off with warm water.

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