What to watch on the Television.

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The other day I suddenly found that I had a few hours spare, so I thought I’d watch a bit of television. I don’t watch much the kids tend to dominate it, but I thought it might be nice to see what’s out there on the channels. We’ve got the basic Sky package, but I did not realise the amount of choice on offer. I was then faced with an array of channels that were of general interest such as repeats of entertainment shows but there were themed ones such as Syfy and one dedicated to Game shows. That’s not including tall the kids channels as well and the specialist ones that like to read my fortune. On top of that there was Netflix, even more choice. I got to thinking back to when I was a kid in the 70’s and what we had back then. I certainly glad I used the services of Bristol TV Aerials servicing company http://aerial-installations-bristol.co.uk/installation-and-repair-services/tv-aerial-installation-bristol to make sure mine was in top condition because I remember the trouble we used to  have with them back in the day when things were not digital.

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When I did Media Studies for my A levels were thought that there were two kinds of approaches to the amount of Television channels on British TV. As this point in the early 1990’s Channel four was not a regular feature on British screen and there were muted talks about opening up a fifth channel on terrestrial television. The sides were the Cultural Pessimists who believed that too many channels would see a reduction in the quality of the programmes that would be put out as there would not be the cash to fud new and interesting projects. All that TV executives would do is produce a diet of gameshows and soap operas as this were cheap to make and generally got a god audience.  Then there where the optimists who insisted this would be the greatest thing that would happen as it would force lazy executive producers to make fantastic programmes to draw us to their channel. All the channels would be funded by advertisers.

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In the end they both missed a trick. In the 70’s we had 3 channels. The seemed to be a weekly complaint as good programs clashed and there wasn’t even an acknowledgement of “the other side” lest you got a rap on the knuckles. This was stupid as ITV regularly topped the most watched list with Coronation Street anyway and when the BBC launched EastEnders the two just duked it out. It was headline news when another programme broke this up.

The digital age has ended all that. We sat down as a family and realised that we only watch the BBC and Netflix. I got this Disney life package that gives me all their shows and films. The world of the big show that everyone watches ta the same time as we did is ending.

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