Staying Safe at Sporting Events

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There is no doubt that as a nation, we have a passion for sport. Whether it’s rugby, football or cricket, weekends in the UK are filled with events and fixtures the length and breadth of the isle. For venues and security firms, they have a lot of hard work to do making sure all those sports fans are kept safe. Experts in crowd behaviour have also had a big say in how such venues are laid out and how the local transport network is set up to ease pressure. If you’re heading off to a game this weekend, be sure to follow these steps to stay safe:

Plan your journey

Any trip you take should have a certain element of pre-planning. Try to always attend a game with friends or family as there’s always safety in numbers. Plan and book your transport if you’re not driving so everyone knows in good time how they’re getting to and from the venue. Only carry essentials with you and if it’s going to be hot, don’t forget sunscreen and plenty of water.

Stick with a mate

With any crowded venues, it’s always best to stick with a buddy or family member. Walking around unaccompanied could mean getting approached by strangers or becoming lost.

Keep an eye on your valuables

Opportunist thieves love to work a large crowd. When a lot of people are moving around, it’s easy pickings for someone to snatch a wallet or mobile phone from back pockets or bags. Always keep your bag or belongings close to you and in sight or ask if the venue offers lockers.

Stay alert

Before you get engrossed in the game, make sure you know where different facilities are, such as toilets, emergency exits and safe points or security stations. This will help you to react quicker if you feel anything is wrong, unsafe or uncomfortable during the event. In the unlikely event of an incident, always try to stay calm, stay together and move towards security staff to follow their instructions. For sudden illness or injury, such events will have medical staff on standby. To organise such cover for your own event, consider Event Medical Cover. Event Medical cover from Outdoor Medical Solutions is available for a wide range of public events.

Stay in control

Some sporting events are known for high spirits and plenty of alcohol consumption. If you have a drink, make sure you’ve eaten a meal first and try to have fun but keep things in moderation. Sensible behaviour and respect are what is required at public events and anything less than this will result in your ejection from the venue and possibly arrest.

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Meeting point

In crowded venues, it’s easy to get separated and lost in the crowd. Before entering the venue, always have a backup plan in case this happens. Agree on a place to meet should you lose each other. This will give you added peace of mind should the group become separated that you’ll all find each other again.

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