A drive around Monaco F1. Inches from doom or glory.

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It’s the one that everyone wants to win. The most glamourous race on the Formula one circuit and one of the oldest it offers the viewer a wonderful chance to be really up close to the action. It might not see the cars at their fastest but it’s still an amazing sight to see them flying around this tight circuit. You can be one of those lucky people if you go to https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/f1-hospitality-monaco/ like the ones you can get F1 Hospitality Monaco.  The champagne flows and the Ferrari’s and Porsches are all parked up as the royalty of Europe (quite literally in some cases) line up to watch. What’s it like to drive an F1 car around it?

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It’s actually too short a course to be on the F1 calendar based on the new rules but it would probably be turned down for safety reason anyway before that became a consideration. It’s a race of heritage and history fo motorsport which is why it remains on roster of tracks. You start at the very short start finish straight. It is almost impossible to overtake at Monaco so you need to set a very good qualifying lap as when you have the lead you generally keep it. Monaco is more of a metal and physical test of yourself rather than the threat of overtaking from other drivers. If you make one mistake then the Armco barriers await the unwary and the damage you get will be the end of your race. It’s also very important to get a good start as it’s very likely that the position you take into the first corner is going to be where you finish. The first corner is manic. It is the notorious right hand Sainte Devote. With all the cars desperately trying to gain a position it’s a miracle that anyone can get through as the cars go from their starting speeds back down to a near stop as they pick their way through. Many people find their race ended here if the miss the turn or collide with someone.

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The next stage is the short but steep climb but the hill to the sharp left hander into a right past the famous Casino. Forget about an overtake here; although it is a straight you run out of room very fast. You then come into the Mirabeau a very sharp right that sees many go straight on and then down to Virage Fairmont the slowest left anywhere on the F1 calendar. This leads to Portier and to its hard rights then into the famous tunnel where the drivers are still blinded by the sun despite numerous changes. Get a tow and you might, just might get an overtake in as you zoom past the bay, once only protected by hay bales, and up to the Miramar chicane. Into the gentle for Monaco Tabac left hand curve around then the Swimming pool and another chicane before you go around the Rascasse which comes back on itself for the Antony Noghes curve before you straighten up to the finish and round you go again. Only another 77 to go!

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