Traditional anniversary gifts

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Many couples choose to celebrate their Wedding Anniversaries with special traditional gifts.  From the first year to the seventieth there are traditional materials and items to commemorate each anniversary.  Year one is marked with a gift made from Paper, year two is Cotton, year three Leather and year four Fruit or Flowers. The fifth anniversary is celebrated with an item made from wood.  As the years go by the gifts tend to get more expensive, exclusive and exotic ending up with the seventieth anniversary year being a gift made out of something Platinum.

Working backwards now in years we go to the big sixtieth celebration and the gift should be something made with Diamonds.  Sticking with gifts made from precious jewels we get to the fifty-fifth anniversary and Emeralds are the stones to choose. Probably the most celebrated anniversary couples achieve together is the fiftieth and Gold is the precious metal that is chosen to signify this big celebration year.  If a couple can reach this milestone they might well decide to have a big family party.  This could well be attended by children, grand-children and great grand-children.  Along with other Family members and friends.

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Before all these anniversaries can take place, obviously there has to be a Wedding! There are many things to plan and prepare if a Wedding is going to take place successfully, run smoothly and the couple’s special day is to go well.  From caterers and transport to venues all over the Country in Cardiff, Edinburgh or Bournemouth, the most effective way to capture memories of the wedding day is to hire a photographer such as a Professional Wedding Photographer in Bournemouth.  Having a wedding ceremony outside on the beach could make for a truly memorable day and with a Bournemouth Wedding Photographer to capture all those memories the couple will have an album of precious pictures to keep for the rest of their years together.

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Returning to the celebration of anniversaries and the special gifts that commemorate the occasions, the sixth, seventh, eight, ninth and tenth are commemorated with gifts made from Sugar, Wool, Bronze, Pottery and Aluminium respectively.  The eleventh to the fifteenth are marked with Steel, Silk, Lace, Gold Jewellery and Crystal.  Once a couple gets past this amount of time married then their anniversaries are celebrated with particular gifts every five years.  This way the celebrations become more meaningful and the gifts are much more precious. Twenty years is China, twenty-five is Silver and thirty years together is Pearl.  Thirty-five years is Jade, Forty is Ruby and that brings us to the final year yet to mention, forty-five which is heralded with a beautiful Sapphire.

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