So many chefs to choose from

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As I was growing up my parents were obsessed with Masterchef. We would sit down without fail to watch the amateur chefs cook up dishes for the judges. Each week the contestants would work up a sweat over their 4 burner gas oven hoping to make it through another week. Incidentally if you are looking for a similar commercial oven take a look at

There were a few other cookery programmes available during my childhood but certainly not as many as are on our screens today. It seems that now we have an abundance of celebrity chefs to choose from when it comes to our culinary television watching preferences. We can choose anything from the traditional information programmes and travel programmes focus on food to the reality style programmes with both amateur and celebrity or professional chefs taking part.

Here are just a few of those famous chefs:

  • Jamie Oliver – known as the ‘Naked Chef’ Jamie appeared on television screens as a young enthusiastic chef bringing his knowledge of food and flavours to the masses. He has gone on to make a number of cookery shows, has his own chain of restaurants and written countless cookery books, not to mention his campaign for better school meals. His television shows have been aired in over 7 countries and his books translated into at least 30 different languages. He is probably one of the most recognisable chefs we have here in the United Kingdom.

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  • Gordon Ramsay – a less squeaky-clean version of Jamie Oliver, Gordon also brings his passion for food to the screen. He is probably most famous for his reality show ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares’ He isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He has won around 16 Michelin stars and even held 3 of this at the same time. He is third in world in terms of Michelin level success.
  • Nigella Lawson – Probably best known as a cookery writer Nigella has also turned her talents to cookery programmes. Her programmes focus on practical food that anyone can cook and her no-nonsense attitude to food has meant that she has been lorded as a positive role model particularly for women in terms of body image and health food association.

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There are numerous other celebrity chefs including James Martin, Anthony Worral-Thompson, Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal. Each of them brings their own special magic to their cooking but what is common between all of them is their undeniable passion for food and the ingredients that make up their dishes.

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