activated charcoal for teeth whitening

Why use activated charcoal for teeth whitening?

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Activated charcoal is used to whiten teeth for a long time. Even peasant girls rubbed the activated charcoals from the stove and smeared teeth with this powder. People quickly realized that a burned tree could make a smile brighter and, of course, enjoyed it.

Today this method is also very popular. And for this there are several simple reasons:

  • Availability of activated charcoal – it is sold in any pharmacy;
  • Low price, thanks to which they can use everything, as long as they want;
  • Convenient packing and shape.

But is it really so good to whiten teeth with activated charcoal, as it is advocated? The fact is that many have a persistent stereotype – folk remedies are harmless since they use natural materials. The lack of chemistry justifies frequent and unsystematic application. In the conditions of never stopping cities, it is incredibly attractive. Moreover, the same chemistry and, in fact, professional cleaning in comparison with coal, costs a fortune.

activated charcoal for teeth whitening

In fact, in a whole state, the restoration of damaged enamel can result. It is often required after using “safe” folk remedies.

If you want to whiten your teeth qualitatively and safely – contact a specialist, the dentist will pick up the optimal procedures for you and explain how to care for your teeth before and after bleaching in order to get the maximum result.

In the case when you do not want to spend a lot of money, but there is a desire to whiten your teeth, an excellent option is to use specialized whitening pastes and other means. They will lighten the enamel for a few tones and make your teeth healthier. They always have a clear instruction for use, which guarantees the effectiveness and safety of procedures.

We decided to try bleaching with coal, do it right to minimize harm and get the result. We offer to consider methods of application, features, as well as contraindications. You can find a different method to use activated charcoal powder for teeth here.

Properties of activated charcoal

Initially, for bleaching, ordinary coals were used, it was only necessary to grind them and spread them on their teeth. Activated coal was invented later – during the First World War. Then, its unique absorbent properties proved to be very useful when creating the first gas masks. The discovery that coal is able to purify liquids and gases from extraneous impurities saved the lives of many soldiers.

To date, activated charcoal is widely used in everyday life Рit is a convenient and cheap drug that minimizes the harm from poisoning. In the composition of flat black tablets, in addition to charcoal, there are other organic components: coconut coal, nutshell, fruit bones. Keep reading

With any composition, the activated charcoal tablets have good filtering and sorting properties. When contacting the teeth, the active particles quickly begin to act, absorbing the pigments that have settled on the tooth surface, which remain from tea, coffee, and other coloring products.

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