5 shirts that every man needs in his wardrobe

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Shirts are one of the only clothing items that can suit almost any social setting, but that doesn’t mean that one size necessarily fits all. There are different types of shirts that are best-suited to different occasions, but having one of the following five styles will definitely form the basis of the perfect capsule wardrobe and make those dressing dramas a thing of the past.

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Dress shirt

Whether you’re a fan of mens designer shirts or off-the-peg, high-street fashion, a dress shirt is likely to be a must-have wardrobe essential for at least some occasions. If you haven’t reached that point yet, then start looking forward to the moment when you are shoehorned into your first tuxedo, with a dress shirt to finish off the look. It will usually boast a bib of reinforced fabric, a cutaway, pointed or wing collar and double cuffs that are ready for cufflinks to complete your outfit.

Short-sleeve, Cuban collar shirt

Cuban collars are not just for South American stereotypes, as they actually make great all-round summer staples. The typical boxy fit suits a multitude of shapes and the open collar allows air to circulate.

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Oxford shirt

Oxford shirts, such as those stocked at the likes of https://www.ejmenswear.com/, take the name from the Oxford cloth which is traditionally used. The style has been around for over 120 years and is renowned for being made with thick fabric that gives it a casual edge. Other design features commonly found on the Oxford shirt are hanger loops and button-down collars.


When it’s too cold for a t-shirt but too warm for a coat, the overshirt comes into its own. This hugely versatile wardrobe addition is a layering staple that can serve you well during almost any season.

Flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is beautiful for the simplicity and versatility it offers. As pointed out by Men’s Health, this type of shirt is a perennial favourite, and never seems to go out of fashion. Flannel shirts also suit all body shapes and sizes.

There are plain or plaid versions available, but all are marked out by their thick, soft material. Choose the weight that is right for you and wear it over a t-shirt or as a standalone shirt for either day or night-time winter wear.

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